Entity Framework for Beginners in C# to Design Db App in SQL

Hi There!
With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.
If you try you will learn using Entity Framework in C# to create database Apps in C#!
If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create database apps in SQL  and Entity Framework in  in C# in simplest way!
Don't hesitate to start learning Entity Framework in C# and SQL!
Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.
Say Hi EF with SQL & C# world and let's go !!!

What is the Entity Framework and ADO.Net?

Which one is better? Entity framework or ADO.Net?

Install Entity framework by Nuget Package Manager

Project types of Entity Framework (EF)

Structure and Architecture of Entity Framework (EF)

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