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   Musavi Abdullah

     Professional Programmer of C# ,VB.Net,SQL,ASP.Net,setup ...

     Csking Tutorials,VB.Net,C#.Net          
I'm an experienced software programmer that spent 20+ years designing and developing many windows application, web sites and web services.I believe that programmers can make the world better place to live.

After 17 years o f teaching in high school i hope you have great moments in my courses and really after my classes you will be real programmer!
With My Tutorials:
   - You will learn C#,Vb.net and programming with easiest method
   - It comes with practical examples and projects.
   - You can become a professional programmer 
In addition I always try to find best solutions for my customer's problems.  Satisfaction of  customers and clients are the main approach that you will see after my jobs done.
General : C#.Net - Vb.net - Visual Studio 2017- DevExpress - Telerik
Web Applications : ASP.NET - ASP.NET Web Service - HTML -  JavaScript - jQuery
Database : MS SQL - MySQL - Access
Reports : Crystal Reports  - Stimulsoft Report - DevExpress Reports
Other skills : Team management  - Arduino and Electronic Circuit Design
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