MySQL in VB.Net : Design SQL Pro Database Apps in VB & MySQL

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Duration: About 19:00 Hours

Publish Date: 28/01/2020

MySQL in VB.Net Tutorials

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

5 in 1: Data Entry App,ADO.Net,Search SQL Data in VB.Net ,MySQL Database For Beginners,Image in MySQL,Dictionary Project


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using MySQL Server Database in VB.Net Application!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create a Phone Book database in MySQL Server and create a application for that in VB.Net in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to:

5 Courses in one Course!

Start working with MySQL Server and create phone book database.

SELECT Query in MySQL Server and ...

MySQL ADO.Net and it's concept and parts and ...

Creating Phone Book as data entry project in VB.Net.

Connect you Visual Basic application to MySQL Database.

Create a VB.Net App for phone book and show data in Data Grid View.

Add Textboxes and Labels to show data!

Add New record,Delete and save changes in MySQL Database!

Search the MySQL data in VB.Net App

Save Image in MySQL Database

Pro English Dictionary in VB. Net and MySQL

And ...

Don't hesitate to start learning MySQL Server in VB.Net!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi MySQL & VB.Net world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

VB. Net programmers who want to work with Oracle MySQL Server in Visual Basic code!
VB. Net programmers who want to Learn Quickly MySQL Server in VB. Net code!
VB .Net programmers who want to make more money by Using MySQL Server in VB. Net !


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . A. Welcome to Course 1 : MySQL ADO.Net in VB.Net

 What you'll learn in Beginners Database Apps in VB & MySQL08:31
 About Me!01:57
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A.a. Quick Review of MySQL

 Who should watch this section!01:59
 Download the Oracle MySQL06:10
 Install MySQL on Windows 10-64 Bit12:35
 Install .Net framework 4.5.2 on Windows 7-64 Bit05:05
 Install MySQL on Windows 7- 64 Bit12:29
 Various features of MySQL04:05
 Create the MySQL Connection for connecting to it06:48
 Using main parts on MySQL Workbench06:46
 What is MySQL Database?03:10
 Create the Database in MySQL09:31
 Edit- delete and configure My SQL database?07:35
 What is Charset in My SQL Database?06:24
 What is the Collation in My SQL Database?05:33
 Utf8mb4 Charset and Collation in MySQL Database06:55
 introduction to My SQL Table05:17
 Add Simple table to the MySQL Database07:54
 Create Multi-Column table in MySQL08:38
 How to edit and configure the table in MySQL?07:00
 Add sample data to MySQL table07:31
 What is MySQL data type?02:37
 What is MySQL Numeric data types?04:24
 Various Decimal Data Types in MySQL05:24
 Various Date Time Data types in MySQL03:39
 Various Text & Char data types in MySQL05:07
 What is Auto-Increment column in MySQL?04:05
 Add Auto-Increment column in MySQL03:57
 Reset Auto Increment value in MySQL05:53

Section 3 . B. Welcome to : MySQL ADO.Net & Data Entry in VB.Net

 What you'll learn in: VB. Net & MySQL and Data Entry in MySQL03:29

Section 4 . B.a. Create Sample Database in MySQL

 Create Phone Book Database in MySQL04:24
 Add Personal columns to "Customer List" table09:26
 Add Contact columns to "Customer List" table05:39
 Add auto increment to "ID" column02:17
 Add sample data and test our MySQL table09:58

Section 5 . B.b. Install MySQL for VB.Net IDE

 Download MySQL tools & connector for Visual Studio04:02
 Install MySQL tools & connector for VB.Net IDE03:25
 Check MySQL tools in Visual Studio after installing03:17

Section 6 . B.c. MySQL ADO.Net for VB.Net

 Introduction to MySQL ADO.Net technology05:29
 Create VB.Net Phone Book Project for MySQL05:48
 Set the default properties of form02:38
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project08:17
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset & connect it to MySQL database09:37

Section 7 . B.d. Query Editor in Table Adapter

 Simple Using Query editor in VB.Net05:42
 Advance Using Query editor in VB.Net06:42
 Sort the records in Query Builder05:55
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset07:16

Section 8 . B.e. Dataset and Table Adapter

 What is Dataset and Data table in VB.Net05:55
 What is Table Adapter in VB.Net05:16
 Make a back up copy of our project04:02
 How to configure SQL Query in Table Adapter08:47
 MySQL Connection String in Depth04:23

Section 9 . B.f. Add Datagrid View to "Phone Book" Form

 Add Datagrid view to Phone Book form06:43
 Change the .net framework version of VB.Net project to 4.5.204:21
 Using binding navigator to Add, Delete & save the changes to MySQL database08:01
 Auto calculate last inserted id in MySQL database & show on form08:54

Section 10 . B.g. Add Data Entry Items to "Phone Book" Form

 What is Binding Source?05:46
 Add Group of Textboxs & Labels to "Phone Book" Form06:33
 Add manually the Textboxs & Labels to "Phone Book" Form07:05
 Bind the TextBox manually to the DataTable06:35
 Customize Binding Navigators default buttons06:34

Section 11 . B.h. Data Entry Form Toolbar

 Section intro00:46
 Add toolbar to data entry form04:38
 Add image to toolbar buttons04:54
 Enable|Disable toolbar buttons by VB.Net code08:03
 Create method for Enable|Disable buttons06:49
 Enable|Disable DGV & Groupbox & BindingNavigator by VB.Net code06:38

Section 12 . B.i. Data Entry Buttons VB.Net Coding

 Section intro00:53
 Write "Add New " button code in VB.Net04:05
 Write "Save Changes" button code in VB.Net07:07
 Test save button code for saving data to MySQL DB04:25
 Show message box after saving data to SQL05:19
 Write "Delete" button code in VB.Net04:51
 Write "Edit" & "Cancel" buttons code in VB.Net07:38
 Add empty record guard to "Edit" & "Delete" Buttons07:57
 Disable groupbox Items when click the "Delete" button05:39

Section 13 . B.j. Working with TableAdapter & BindingNavigator

 TableAdapter section intro00:48
 Use default Fill method of TableAdapter05:58
 Add new Fill method for TableAdapter and use it09:28
 Add new BindingNavigator and using it06:11
 Customize default BindingNavigator04:22

Section 14 . B.k. Working with DataGridView

 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...05:48
 Disable DGV column & row resize01:34
 Add and remove DGV columns06:04
 Change the width and visibility of columns in DGV03:32
 Change the text of Columns in DGV04:34

Section 15 . C. Welcome to: Save Image in MySQL Database

 What you'll learn in: Saving image in MySQL DataBase00:36

Section 16 . C.a. Add Customer Image to Form

 Steps to save customer image in MySQL database03:39
 Blob Data type to save image in MySQL02:39
 Add customer image column to MySQL datatbase05:52
 Add customer image picturebox and browse button06:31
 Write the code to load customer image in VB.Net06:55
 Add empty image guard to customer image03:22
 Add filter for selecting customer image05:38
 Add "No Image" picture for new customer image03:27

Section 17 . C.b. Save Image in MySQL Database

 Add Image column to datatable by TableAdapter06:44
 Save customer image in MySQL database07:47
 Add image column to datagridview05:27
 Exclude image column from loading05:37

Section 18 . D. Welcome to : Search MySQL Data in VB .Net

 What you'll learn in Search MySQL Data in VB Code00:35

Section 19 . D.a. Create Search Project in VB.Net

 Create VB Search Project for MySQL05:16
 Set the default properties of form04:54

Section 20 . D.b. Create Sample Database in MySQL

 Section Intro for Sample MySQL Database00:51
 Create sample Database in MySQL for this course04:24
 Add Personal columns to "Customer List" table09:26
 Add Contact columns to MySQL table05:39
 Add auto increment to "ID" column02:17
 Add sample data and check our MySQL table09:58

Section 21 . D.c. Add MySQL to the Visual Studio

 Section intro00:51
 Download MySQL tools & connector for Visual Studio04:01
 Install MySQL tools & connector for Visual Studio03:25
 Check MySQL tools in Visual Studio after installing03:17

Section 22 . D.d. Using MySQL ADO.Net in VB. Net Project

 Section Intro for VB.Net MySQL01:57
 What is MySQL ADO.Net in VB?05:29
 Add Dataset to Visual Basic project06:43
 Add Table Adapter and connect dataset to MySQL09:37
 Using query builder and add data table to dataset07:49
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query06:41
 Bind datatable to Datagrid View on form06:45
 Change the .net framework version of VB.Net project to 4.5.203:22
 Load data in to form from the MySQL database08:12

Section 23 . D.e. Where Clause for Searching Data in MySQL

 Overview of Where clause in MySQL01:35
 Using Where clause to find English & Unicode characters08:42
 Make where clause , case sensitive while searching05:49
 Using Where clause to find Numbers06:13
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Were clause02:15

Section 24 . D.f. Searching MySQL Data in VB.Net Form

 Introduction to Searching MySQL Data in VB.Net01:47
 Write query to search fix last name in VB. Net09:50
 Write query to search last name from textbox06:21
 Search Unicode text in MySQL table by VB .Net05:03
 Write query to search numeric columns10:13
 Use Not equal operator(<>) for searching in VB.Net and MySQL05:05
 Use other operators for search in MySQL numeric columns in VB03:59

Section 25 . D.g. MySQL Like Operator for Searching

 Introduction to LIKE Operator in MySQL01:50
 LIKE operator simple usage for searching data06:36
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' to search similar values07:02
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' to search similar Unicode values03:01
 Using other Wildcards with LIKE operator05:41
 Using NOT operator with LIKE operator02:52

Section 26 . D.h. Searching Data in VB.Net by MySQL LIKE operator

 Section intro for searching data in VB by like operator01:16
 LIKE operator in table adapter for searching fix "Last Name"06:21
 Search exact values in VB form by Using like operator03:29
 Using "%" wildcard in Textbox to search similar values07:10
 Using "%" wildcard in VB .Net code to search similar values05:09
 Search Unicode text in MySQL by Visual Basic and Like operator05:16

Section 27 . D.i. Between Operator for Searching Data in MySQL

 Introduction to Between operator03:44
 Between operator for Numeric column searching04:51
 Between operator for Text column searching03:32
 Between operator for Date column searching03:57
 Using NOT operator with Between operator05:25

Section 28 . D.j. Between Operator in VB.Net Project

 Section intro to between operator in VB. Net01:06
 Add Between operator to table adapter to search a rage of dates09:32
 Design form to use Between operator03:04
 Working with DateTimePicker control07:30
 VB.Net code to search between dates06:35

Section 29 . D.k. Final Project: Create Professional Search Form

 Section intro of final course project01:39
 Add search form and set it's default properties06:07
 Design search form and add controls to it10:59
 Show| Hide "date" controls on form by search item06:03
 Show| Hide "between" controls on form by search type03:51
 Add datagrid view to search form to show search results04:38
 Write the code to search by date of birth05:13
 Search last name by like operator10:55
 Search last name by between and not equal operator09:54

Section 30 . E. Welcome to : Pro English Dictionary in VB. Net and MySQL

 Section intro: Create Pro English Dictionary with 176,000 words in VB and MySQL00:35

Section 31 . E.a. Dictionary Database in MySQL

 Section intro to Dictionary database in MySQL00:48
 Download Dictionary Database in MySQL03:19
 Import and attach Dictionary in MySQL workbench04:11
 Rename dictionary table and change it's Engine to InnoDB03:59
 Load data & Add "id" column and auto increment to dictionary table04:20

Section 32 . E.b. Dictionary Project in VB.Net

 Section intro: Creating the app for dictionary01:00
 Create Dictionary Project in VB.Net04:50
 Set the default properties of form in VB.Net02:26
 Design search controls on form09:38

Section 33 . E.c. Using MySQL ADO.Net in VB.Net Project

 Section Introduction for MySQL ADO.Net00:56
 What is MySQL ADO.Net in VB. Net?05:29
 Add Dataset to dictionary project in VB05:27
 Add connection to MySQL in Visual Studio04:56
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to MySQL04:35
 Create Select query with query builder in table adapter09:55
 Finish Adding Table Adapter & datatable to Dataset05:13
 How to configure SQL Query in Table Adapter08:46
 Connection String in depth03:41

Section 34 . E.d. Load all of the Dictionary Data

 Section intro: Start to Create Dictionary01:49
 How to add Datagrid view to Dictionary form06:20
 Change the .net framework version of VB project to 4.5.204:36
 Add a button & show all of the dictionary records in Vb. net code08:16
 Add new query to Table Adapter to load sorted data08:43
 Show progress panel while loading data04:54
 Add Textbox to show definition of selected word09:13

Section 35 . E.e. DataGrid View settings

 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...05:23
 Add or remove DGV columns,Change text & width of columns07:01
 Change DGV row column default settings04:04
 Change the DGV cell to Multi line03:39
 Change the DGV odd and even records backcolor04:14

Section 36 . E.f. Searching the Word in Dictionary

 VB. Net code to search exact word in dictionary06:26
 VB.Net code to search similar words in dictionary08:42
 Sort the records after searching the word in dictionary04:42
 Change the default search type02:36

Section 37 . E.g. Auto Search Words in Dictionary

 Automatically search the words while typing07:13
 Save last searched word by user09:01
 Auto search the last searched world in form load06:43
 Show progress panel while searching the words05:49
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