WPF in C# for Beginners,Windows Presentation Foundation XAML

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Duration: About 40:00 Hours

Publish Date: 16/08/2020

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Good explanations and easy to follow, but it would have been a big plus if the creation of a complete application was created step by step as part of the course. The example application he shows is misleading because I thought it was going to be created throughout the course.

wpf in c# Tutorial

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

Easily Learn to Using the WPF in C# Project to Design Real World App , Using XAML and Windows Presentation Foundation


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using WPF in C# to create C# Apps!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create WPF App in C# in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to :

Start creating WPF projects in C#

Customize the Visual Studio IDE

Learn the structure of XAML

Using WPF Window and it's properties

Change the size and color of Window

Change the font,border & title of Window

Show and hide Window


Don't hesitate to start learning WPF in C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi WPF in C# world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

Any one who wants to create WPF Application and Want to leave Windows form!


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . Introduction

 Introduction to this course05:00
 About Me!01:57
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 3 . A.a. Visual Studio 2019 Quick Review

 Visual Studio 2019 requirements04:18
 How to Install Visual Studio 2019?13:53

Section 4 . A.b. First WPF Project

 Create first WPF Project in C#10:20
 Customize Visual Studio IDE09:33
 WPF Project structure and files07:37

Section 5 . A.c. Using XAML in WPF

 Customize XAML window and designer06:01
 Using XAML alignment buttons03:57
 Introduction to XAML structure11:11

Section 6 . A.d. Part 1: WPF Window and Properties in XAML

 Using properties window in WPF project06:38
 Change the Window size in XAML code and designer09:46
 Window back color in XAML code and designer10:43
 Window border in XAML code and designer06:16
 Window icon & cursor in XAML code and designer07:19
 Window enable & visible in XAML code and designer05:39
 Window title in XAML code and designer02:50

Section 7 . A.e. Part 2: WPF Window and Properties in XAML

 Window startup location in XAML code and designer06:58
 Window style in XAML code and designer03:26
 Window resize mode in XAML code and designer05:49
 Window font in XAML code and designer06:11
 Window state in XAML code and designer05:45
 Window topmost in XAML code and designer04:00
 Window show in taskbar in XAML code and designer02:42
 Window RTL & LTR in XAML code and designer03:52
 Window min & max width and height in XAML code and designer07:54

Section 8 . A.f. Grid Control and Usage

 Add Grid to Window and use it05:34
 Common properties of Grid control09:45

Section 9 . A.g. Common WPF Controls: Part 1

 Introduction to first part of common WPF controls05:02
 WPF Button control and it's common properties14:00
 WPF Label control and it's common properties14:19
 WPF TextBox control & common properties: Part 110:24
 WPF TextBox & common properties: Part 209:04

Section 10 . A.h. WPF ComboBox Control

 What is the WPF ComboBox and it's Usage?03:12
 WPF ComboBox control & common properties10:58
 Add items to ComboBox by XAML designer13:10
 Add items to ComboBox by Properties window05:45
 Set the Default item of ComboBox04:45

Section 11 . A.i. MDI and SDI Project

 What is MDI / SDI Project?05:45
 MDI Project: Add new Window to WPF project09:47
 Change startup window of WPF MDI project04:17

Section 12 . A.j. 1st Project: Create App Settings Window

 Set common properties of App Settings Window09:29
 Add TextBoxs and Labels to Window08:09
 Add Button and ComboBox to window07:01

Section 13 . A.k. Advance WPF App Design

 Using Tab Order to move between controls by Tab Key08:12
 Grouping controls together08:38
 How to rotate the controls05:26
 Document Outline window and it's usage07:13
 Working with layers of controls08:54
 Group aligning of controls on Window06:18

Section 14 . A.l. Using Margin and Alignment

 Using the margin of controls to better App design11:12
 Margin of Grid control and it's usage06:24
 Auto move controls by margin03:07
 Pro App design by margins and other controls04:52
 Vertical and horizontal alignment of controls05:03

Section 15 . A.m. Grid Control Advance Properties

 What are columns and rows in Grid control?04:23
 Add columns and rows to Grid by properties window05:02
 Add columns and rows to Grid by XAML and Designer08:59
 Add & Align controls by rows and columns of Grid09:53
 Column Span and Row span in Grid03:26

Section 17 . B.a. 2nd Project: Start WPF Coding with C#

 Introduction to WPF Coding with C#02:08
 Add folder to WPF project to group the windows05:11
 Prepare 2nd project in WPF to write first C# code07:01
 Write your first C# code in WPF15:32
 Using build and rebuild WPF project04:48
 WPF Error Window and it's usage07:29
 What is C# keywords?02:14
 Change the Window title by C# code07:26
 Change the Text of WPF controls in C#10:35
 How to use "This" in C#06:22
 Comment the code in C# and it's usage07:52
 Change the back color of WPF Window and Grid by C# code!09:06
 Change the back color of WPF controls by C# code!07:26
 Change the text color of WPF controls by C# code!06:35
 Enable / Disable WPF Controls in C# Code12:45
 Show / Hide WPF Controls in C# Code09:39

Section 18 . B.b. 3rd Project: Image Control and OpenFileDialogue

 Section Intro to: Image control & OpenFileDialogue03:06
 What is Image control and OpenFileDialouge?04:18
 Using Image control and it's common properties13:06
 Auto resize Image control by window size and using margins05:45
 Load image By C# code in WPF Application12:31
 Change Stretch of Image control with C# code06:58
 Using OpenFileDialouge to select file by user09:19
 Get the selected image file by user08:40
 Show selected image by user in WPF App06:02
 Show a MessageBox to user if did not select any image10:25
 How to set filter to Open File Dialog?16:54
 Using special folders to change the default folder of OpenFileDialouge12:32

Section 19 . B.c. 4th Project: Practical C# Code in WPF- Part 1

 Section intro to 4th Project: Practical C# Code03:05
 Using Return keyword in C#05:31
 C# code to close WPF Window05:26
 C# code to close the WPF Application06:23
 Get the WPF App folder by C# code04:57
 Get special folders by C# code08:07
 Run external App from WPF App by C# code14:41
 Open Image file,Video file and ... by C# code05:53
 Open any folders in WPF App by C# code03:38
 Auto copy files to App folder by Visual Studio09:12

Section 20 . B.d. 5th Project: Using Text File and Save File Dialog

 Section intro to 5th Project: Text file and Save File Dialog02:20
 What is Text file and Save File Dialog?06:12
 Save English data in Text file by C# code in WPF13:02
 Save unicode data in Text file by C# code in WPF04:53
 Load content of a text file with C# code in WPF08:57
 Add C# code to clear the text of controls04:28
 Show Save file dialog in C#06:30
 Add file filter,title,initial directory and ... to Save file dialog10:37
 Save text file in custom folder by the save file dialog09:58

Section 21 . B.e. 6th Project: Customer Info Saver in Text File

 Section intro: Customer info saver in text file01:22
 Design info saver interface in WPF Project10:22
 Save customer info in text file09:29
 Add Guard to prevent empty customer info and protect text files08:24
 Save the customer info in Application folder09:49
 Search the customer data by ID in C# code09:39
 Add new button and write the C# code04:03

Section 22 . B.f. 7th Project: Using the Menu Control

 Section intro to: Menu control in WPF02:08
 What is the menu control and it's usage?01:32
 Add WPF Menu control and set common properties07:07
 Add main menus to menu control and common properties13:14
 Add Sub menus to main menu and common properties11:19
 Add image to Menu control11:07
 Add Accelerator key (short key) to Main Menu in WPF06:25

Section 23 . B.g. 8th Project: Advance Multi Window Apps (MDI)

 Section intro: Advance MDI Apps02:28
 Show new Window to the user by C# code13:08
 Show a Window as dialog by C# code04:54
 Change properties of a Window before showing it by C#12:54
 Change properties of control in other Window by C# code07:01
 Change Application Icon and .Net framework version08:54
 What is Assembly name and default Namespace?06:56
 Change WPF application "Version Information"09:08

Section 24 . B.h. 9th Project: TextBox Advance Using by C# Code

 Section intro: TextBox advance using by C# code02:17
 Add new Window and design it to work with TextBox09:59
 Change Zoom of TextBox by C# code10:23
 Select All text of TextBox by C# code04:59
 Undo and Redo actions of TextBox by C# code03:54
 Copy, Paste and Cut actions of TextBox by C# code04:05
 Enable/Disable Word Wrap action of TextBox by C# code07:25

Section 25 . B.i. 10th Project: Notepad App by C# and WPF

 Section intro: Final project : Notepad App in WPF and C#02:15
 Create new project for Notepad in C# and WPF06:43
 Add Notepad Window and Set default properties03:29
 Add Menu and TextBox to Notepad window09:47
 Add sub menu items to main menu11:02
 Write C# code to File menu: New, Open, Save as and Exit buttons18:06
 Write C# code to Edit menu: Undo, Redo, Copy, Cut, Paste and Select All buttons06:34
 Write C# code to Format menu: Word Wrap button10:47
 Write C# code to View menu: Zoom in, Zoom out and Reset Zoom buttons07:52
 Write C# code to Help menu: About us Window10:32
 Add image to Menu control12:00
 Set icon to Application executable file07:56
 Change WPF application "Version Information"05:28
 How to Publish the WPF Notepad App to user's PC10:02

Section 27 . C.a. 11th Project: Resources in WPF

 Section Intro to: Resources in WPF02:35
 What is resource in WPF?05:08
 Different types of resource in WPF06:47
 Create the C# WPF project to start using resource05:26
 Using Window resource in WPF16:02
 How to Edit and Reset resource and ...06:46
 Using App resource in WPF15:43
 Using Grid resource in WPF16:56
 Using C# code to load the value from App, Window & Grid resource17:44
 Using C# code to Save the value in App, Window & Grid resource22:13
 What is Static resource vs Dynamic resource in WPF?03:20
 Using Static resource and Dynamic resource in WPF & C#06:08

Section 28 . C.b. 12th Project: Events of Controls in WPF and C#

 Section Intro to Events of controls in WPF & C#03:31
 What is the event in WPF and C#?10:14
 Common events of Window like: Loaded, Closing and KeyDown13:27
 Add Events manually and solve deleted events error!07:10
 Add short key to App by KeyDown event of window13:13
 Using the Alt Key and F10 in Keydown event of Window05:03
 Common events of TextBox like: TextChanged, GotFocus & LostFocus14:25
 Common events of Button like: Click, MouseEnter & MouseLeave07:11
 Using ComboBox common events in WPF20:07
 Using ListBox common events in WPF09:52

Section 29 . C.c. 13th Project: Common WPF Controls: Part 2

 Section Intro to : Common WPF controls: Part 203:39
 Prepare Project to second part of WPF controls05:26
 WPF Slider control and it's common properties15:02
 Common Events of WPF Slider control14:33
 WPF CheckBox control and it's common properties & events15:08
 Using CheckBox to show and hide controls by C# code07:59
 WPF GroupBox control and it's common properties18:15
 WPF Border control and it's common properties09:58
 WPF PasswordBox control and it's common properties06:56
 WPF RadioButton control and it's common properties19:05
 Common events of RadioButton control13:34
 Common properties & events of ProgressBar control18:45
 Add main window to show all of controls Windows06:31

Section 30 . C.d. 14th Project: Binding in the WPF

 Section intro to: Binding in the WPF03:42
 What is the Binding in WPF?05:44
 Structure of Binding in WPF: Binding Source, Target, Oneway, TwoWay and …06:35
 OneWay binding with Slider and TextBox control in WPF10:47
 OneWay binding with ProgressBar & Slider control in WPF08:48
 Use OneWay Binding & CheckBox to enable/disable other controls07:39
 Use OneWay Binding & CheckBox to Show/Hide other controls08:08
 Use OneWay Binding & RadioButton & TypeConverter10:47
 TwoWay binding in WPF with Slider and TextBox06:32
 Source update triggers in TwoWay binding: Explicit, LostFocus, PropertyChanged10:18
 Using SourceUpdated & TargetUpdated events in WPF binding05:49
 OneWayToSource binding in WPF06:09
 String Format in WPF and Binding to TextBox13:09
 Content String Format in WPF and Binding to Label08:00
 Final Binding Project: Resizable Image with Sliders11:52

Section 31 . C.e. 15th Project: Panel Controls in WPF

 Section intro to : Panels in WPF02:42
 What is the panel in WPF and it's different types?04:30
 Prepare the project for using the panels03:21
 Canvas panel in WPF and it's properties and usage07:25
 Stack panel in WPF and it's properties and usage16:44
 Wrap panel in WPF and it's common properties07:56
 Dock panel in WPF and it's common properties11:28
 Change the order of controls in Dock panel07:26
 Final panel project : Design pro main window for application18:24

Section 32 . C.f. 16th Project: Working with Files and Folders

 Section intro: Working with Files and Folders03:01
 Check the existence of a file in a folder13:24
 Delete a file with C# code in WPF13:35
 Copy a file with C# code22:06
 Move a file with C# code10:14
 Check the existence of a folder by C# code09:55
 Create a folder or directory in C# code17:19
 Delete a Folder or Directory with C# code08:06
 Move a folder or directory with C# code in WPF15:57
 Get file information by C# code like: file size, extension, name ,...23:32
 Get folder information by C# code like: folder name ,drive …10:45

Section 33 . C.g. 17th Project: Pro Diary Application

 Section intro to: Diary Application04:09
 Create the Diary App in WPF and Visual Studio06:24
 Design the structure of main window by panels10:03
 Change the Image of Main window by C# code24:09
 C# code to save and load selected background by user18:40
 Add a pro digital clock to sidebar of main window22:55
 Add graphical calendar to the sidebar in main window22:56
 Add Buttons to the top panel in main window24:13
 Add close and minimize buttons to main window22:56
 Users Window: How to Design Users Window20:55
 Users Window: C# code to save and load the user name and password25:18
 Users Window: Load the user image by C# code14:20
 Users Window: Save user image in Application folder24:13
 Users Window: Add the guard to C# code when the user hasn't image11:15
 Login window: Design and show the login window13:24
 Login window: C# code for "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons07:56
 Login window: Load user combobox items and user image08:28
 Login window: Validate the password in "Ok" button in C#13:26
 About Us window: Design the About us window09:57
 About window: Load application version info with C# code11:41
 Memo window: Design add memo window13:38
 Memo window: Design 15 control buttons for RTF18:10
 Memo window: C# code for 15 control buttons for RTF13:28
 Memo window: New button code in C#14:20
 Memo window: Save last id in the application settings file04:07
 Memo window: Save memo data in RTF and Txt file23:16
 Search memo: Design search memo window12:14
 Search memo: Load existing memos in listbox16:17
 Search memo: Load selected memo details15:54
 Search memo: Search the memo by title16:32
 Search memo: Update selected memo16:16
 Final Project : Show login user name and image in main page13:23
 Finalize project: Add short keys to "main" window and "add memo" window12:24
 Finalize project: Use try structure to protect C# codes against errors10:24
 Final Project: How to publish WPF Application manually12:29

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