Complete C# Course : 10 in 1: Beginners to Pro C# .Net Apps

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Duration: About 62:00 Hours

Publish Date: 01/02/2019

Featured Reviews:
Scott Berry:
I started this course with some knowledge of C# coding, but just Console Application code that I learned from other tutorials. This tutorial has opened up a world of possibilities to create real world applications. The instructor is very clear and detailed about the functions of Windows Forms and good programming techniques. He has taken a lot of the mystery out of it for me, which is a great thing!
Adeh Roland Adeh:
This is one of the best C# courses I've seen. The instructor is very knowledgeable in the course, the videos are short and straight to the point. The hands-on examples are very self-explanatory.
Iosif Bodnar:
I like this course as it is very practical. All the explanations are done going through projects step by step which is kind of teaching what I like. Well done! Keep it up. Thanks a lot!

C# Tutorials

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

C# Programming Basics by C# Windows Forms Gui Project, C# Beginners, C# Registry,SQL,Zip File, Report,Multi language App


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will be a c sharper!

If you wanna make a lot of money!

If you wanna find best jobs in programming!

If you wanna buy 1 course and get 10 courses!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial that teach c# with real project in simplest way!

If you want really to be a programmer so it's best place that you can start to learn C#.

This course includes 10 courses:

10 Courses in one Course!

Start using C# with Visual Studio 2017 | 2019 From Scratch

Write C# Code & Create Windows Apps

Create Diary , Phone Book & Calculator

SQL Server, It's installation and working

Media Player , Registry and Clipboard

Create Report in C# by Stimulsoft

Working with Zip Files in C#

Design Modern GUI Apps in C#

Create Multi Language Apps in C#

VirtualBox to Publish C# Apps

and ...

Don't hesitate to start learning C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi C# world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

Beginners or students looking for a tutorial that teach c# with real project in simplest way and want really to be a programmer!


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . Introduction

 Introduction to this course08:57
 About Me01:57
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A. Welcome to Beginners C#

 What you'll learn in C# for Beginners in Windows forms App?04:10

Section 3 . A.a. Introduction to C# and Visual Studio

 C# and Visual Studio Overview01:03
 Why we must learn C# ?02:32
 Visual Studio 2017 requirements02:04
 How to Install Visual Studio 2017?09:21

Section 4 . A.b. Visual Studio 2019 Update

 Visual Studio 2019 Section Intro01:09
 Visual Studio 2019 requirements04:18
 How to Install Visual Studio 2019?13:53
 Working with Visual Studio 2019 and C#06:07
 Compare Visual Studio 2019 & Visual Studio 201705:28

Section 5 . A.c. Visual Studio and First C# Program

 First C# Program Overview : C# Windows Forms00:54
 My First C# App ,Visual Studio Windows...12:35
 Properties window in Visual Studio03:49
 Toolbox window,adding controls to form05:36
 What are C# projects files?03:59

Section 6 . A.d. Properties of C# Form and Controls

 Common properties of C# form12:21
 Advance properties of C# form12:34
 Common properties of Controls13:01

Section 7 . A.e. TextBox & Label Control - Properties and Usage

 Introduction to TextBox & Label Control00:57
 Label control and it's properties and usage08:12
 TextBox control and it's usage13:40
 Project: Backup Form with Label,TextBox ...15:12

Section 8 . A.f. Common Controls Properties and Usage

 Introduction to properties of controls00:51
 ComoBox & ListBox control and it's usage09:23
 CheckBox control and it's usage10:04
 RadioButton control and it's usage04:47
 ProgressBar control and it's properties04:42
 PictureBox control and it's properties08:21
 Numeric UpDown control and it's usage06:00
 TrackBar control and it's properties04:58

Section 9 . A.g. Grouping Controls - Properties and Usage

 Overview of Grouping Controls and Usage00:46
 GroupBox control and it's properties05:25
 Panel control and it's properties and usage06:44
 TabCntrol control and it's properties06:04
 TabCntrol & TabPage and customizing it07:51
 Project: Create Setting Form with controls09:27

Section 10 . A.h. ToolStrip and MenuStrip Controls - Properties

 Overview of ToolStrip and MenuStrip00:44
 ToolStrip control and it's properties13:13
 Advance properties of ToolStrip control05:53
 Create custom skin for ToolStrip control04:45
 Add menu to our form by using MenuStrip08:48

Section 11 . A.i. Start Coding with C#

 Introduction to start coding with C#00:47
 Write you first code in C#13:48
 Using build and rebuild project02:54
 Error Window and it's usage05:04
 What is C# keywords?02:05
 Change the color of controls by C# code!08:47
 Comment the code in C# and it's usage05:37
 How to use "This" in C#02:12
 Change the Text of controls in C#06:40
 Enable / Disable Controls in C# Code05:12

Section 12 . A.j. Date Time and Creating a Clock

 Introduction to Date Time and Clock00:25
 Date Time and "Now" & it's usage07:23
 Timer Control and it's properties & usage04:42
 Project: Create a great digital clock!12:29

Section 13 . A.k. Practical C# Code - Part 1

 Introduction to practical C# code part 100:42
 Show MessageBox to user09:15
 Load image in Picturebox with C#09:04
 Inheritance and it's usage03:57
 Create backup of your C# projects03:09

Section 14 . A.l. Variables in C#

 Introduction to variables and usage01:08
 What's Variable and String Variable?11:54
 Int32 Variable11:44
 TryParse method to convert variables04:56
 Int64 Variable08:02
 Float Variable06:27
 Double Variable04:02
 Decimal Variable03:05
 Boolean Variable05:54
 Scope of Variables07:31

Section 15 . A.m. Practical C# Code - Part 2

 Introduction to Practical C# Code - Part 200:43
 Run an application like paint,Calculator ...08:48
 Using Variable to run an application in C#03:36
 Add "Exit Button" to your project with C#03:21

Section 16 . A.n. If Statement and For Loop Structure

 Create a Project to calculate user age by...08:01
 What is "If Statement"?05:06
 Using "IF" in a project06:46
 Using Multi "IF" in a project05:17
 What's "For Loop" Structure?04:51
 Project: Use "For Loop " to show many messages06:12
 Project: "For Loop" to add ComboBox items05:24
 "Switch Case",Add a project with many "IF"13:29
 Using "Switch Case" with int32 Input Value11:15
 Using "Switch Case" with String Input08:26

Section 17 . A.o. Operators in C#

 Introduction to operators00:45
 Main operators in C# ( - , +, x , / )11:41
 Greater than and Smaller than operators in C#( <= , >=)10:09

Section 18 . A.p. Dialogs in C#

 Introduction to Dialogs01:16
 Color Dialog08:03
 Folder Browser Dialog08:17
 Font Dialog06:57
 Open File Dialog06:27
 How to set filter to Open File Dialog?10:28
 Save File Dialog05:09

Section 19 . A.q. Beginners Final Project : Create a Calculator

 Introduction to Calculator project00:41
 Design the main interface of calculator10:37
 Write C# code for number buttons07:29
 Write C# code for operators in calculator14:44
 Write C# code to calculate operations in calculator13:48
 How to finalize and publish calculator?06:16

Section 20 . B. Welcome to Intermediate C#

 What you'll learn in intermediate C# .Net ?01:43

Section 21 . B.a. Events of Controls in C#

 What you'll learn in this section?00:56
 What is Event in C#?06:15
 Form Events11:41
 How to solve deleted events error!04:03
 How to use KeyDown event of a Form?12:10
 TextBox Events08:25
 Button Events04:26
 CheckBox Events06:22
 ComboBox Events09:15
 ListBox Events04:08

Section 22 . B.b. ComboBox and Using it with C# Code

 Introduction to ComboBox00:52
 Add items to ComboBox with C# code08:50
 Delete ComboBox items with C# code06:02
 Calculate the Items number in ComboBox03:48
 How to search and find an item in ComboBox with C# code?08:47

Section 23 . B.c. Working with File in IO.FIle Class

 Introduction to IO.File Class00:45
 Copy a file with C# code08:19
 Copy a file with selecting the souse file with "Open File Dialog"04:13
 Move a file with C# code04:26
 Delete a file with C# code04:17
 Check the existence of a file in a folder06:05
 Check the existence of a file before move it04:07

Section 24 . B.d. Using the Text FIle in C#

 Introduction to this section00:45
 What is text file and it's usage in C#?02:01
 Saving the text and settings in text file with C# code09:16
 Load content of a text file with C# code04:30
 Project: Save user information in text file08:23
 Project: Load user information from text file06:53

Section 25 . B.e. IO.Directory Class - Working with Folders

 What is this section?00:53
 Introduction to IO.Directory Class01:59
 Create a folder in C# code06:55
 Delete a folder in C# code03:55
 Check the existence of a folder05:06
 Move a folder in C# code07:15

Section 26 . B.f. MDI and SDI Projects

 Section overview01:17
 What are the MDI and SDI projects?02:23
 Add new form to project06:19
 Change startup form of project02:12
 Change application icon in project06:58
 Change application "Version Information"07:41
 Show new forms to user07:09
 Show a form as Dialog in MDI project03:37
 Change a project to MDI and show new forms inside it07:01
 Change child form properties from parent form04:34
 Change properties of control in child form within parent form03:50
 Add form inside folder and call it05:49

Section 27 . B.g. Practical C# Code - Part 3

 Tab order of controls06:48
 Layers of controls on the form02:56
 Group alignment of controls09:49

Section 28 . B.h. Intermediate Final Project : Phone Book Pro

 Introduction to Phone Book Project01:12
 Design main form of Phone Book09:20
 Add 3 children forms to Phone Book project04:01
 Show children forms via main form06:20
 Design data registration form06:48
 Write code to "New ' and "Save" buttons06:36
 Write the code to clear the text of all user info TextBoxes04:02
 Write the code to save information of new user in text file10:16
 Add guard to deny saving user data with empty id03:05
 Design search user Form03:09
 Write code to search users by id12:58
 Design About Us form04:56
 Add shortcut keys to buttons on main form toolstrip05:55
 Finalize an publish Phone Book Application07:37

Section 29 . C. Welcome to Advance C#

 What you'll learn in advance C#.Net ?03:44

Section 30 . C.a. Debugging in C#

 What are Bug and Debug?07:50
 Line number in c# code editor02:18
 Snippet in C# code02:59
 "Try Structure" and it's usage09:47
 Breakpoints and debugging C# code09:34

Section 31 . C.b. Windows media player in form

 Add Windows media player to form03:06
 Add buttons to play sound with WMP06:12
 Advance properties of Windows media player07:41

Section 32 . C.c. Practical C# Code - Part 4

 Get application path in C# code04:41
 Run other application from app folder11:55
 Add folder to other app then run it07:06
 Anchor for fast alignment of controls07:53
 Dock for fast alignment of controls06:27

Section 33 . C.d. Change Size & Location with C# Code

 Change the size of form with code07:49
 Change size of controls with code07:17
 Change Location of controls with C# Code06:02
 Moving controls by mouse on form04:48

Section 34 . C.e. Practical C# Code - Part 5

 Use custom format for time of day08:29
 Add thousand separator to a number06:05
 Check if a text is number or not?05:14
 Add right click menu by context-menu control06:35
 Check the selected button of message box by dialog result06:47

Section 35 . C.f. String and Substring in C#

 Get the length of string or text04:26
 Separate Beginning of a string with Substring06:48
 Separate Middle of a string with Substring02:18
 Separate End of a string with Substring06:09
 Convert the month number to it's name07:58

Section 36 . C.g. Io.FIle Advance Methods

 Introduction to this section00:51
 How to Get the properties of a file08:29
 Get the file name & extension of file path07:59

Section 37 . C.h. Application Resource in C#

 What is application resource?01:34
 Add an image to application resource and use it12:45
 Using the image in resource with code04:30
 Assembly Name Vs Namespace in C#08:44

Section 38 . C.i. Settings and Usage in Application

 Introduction to settings in C#01:55
 Add settings to your application07:01
 Load data from settings08:56
 Save data in settings06:34
 Save Integer data in Settings06:31
 Save decimal values in Settings05:51
 Save boolean data in Settings03:52

Section 39 . C.j. Using Windows Clipboard

 What's windows clipboard?02:19
 Save a text to clipboard03:45
 Read the text from clipboard03:59
 Save an image in clipboard03:56
 Load an image from clipboard04:46
 Clear everything in clipboard01:29
 Check if clipboard contains image or text ?06:24

Section 40 . C.k. Get Your PC & Application Information

 Introduction to this section00:41
 Get Your PC Name02:17
 Get Windows login user name02:35
 Get your PC CPU Count01:52
 Get Windows Up Time04:23
 Get your monitor resolution12:21
 Get the version information of application06:20

Section 41 . C.l. Working With RTF Files in C#

 Introduction to RTF02:05
 Load RTF file in RichTextBox Control07:37
 Show Progress Panel while loading RTF08:24
 Change text color in RTF file06:34
 Change text back color in RTF file02:26
 Change text font in RTF file02:45
 Change text alignment in RTF file06:26
 Add bullet to text in RTF file07:30
 Add indent to text in RTF file07:23
 Copy the text from RTF file03:12
 Paste the text in to RTF file02:53
 Add Undo & Redo to RTF file03:29
 Save the RTF file11:42

Section 42 . C.m. Logical Operators in C#

 What are logical operators?03:50
 What is logical operator "AND"?09:20
 What is logical operator "OR"?06:21

Section 43 . C.n. Methods in C#

 What is method in C#?02:57
 Define a method with Int32 return type12:09
 Define a method with void return type06:36
 Show a message box with method03:08
 What is class & add a method to it?07:07
 Make a public method by using class06:41
 Add parameter to a method12:24
 Make public a method with parameter included05:46
 Add other type of parameter in a method11:35
 Add TextBox as parameter to message box method04:16
 How to debug a method in C#?04:39

Section 44 . C.o. Calendar and Globalization

 Introduction to Globalization and Calendar00:55
 How to get the date of system?09:55
 Convert month number to month name10:15
 Get the day in week of system03:11
 Project: Design a calendar form in C#08:45
 Project: Write calendar code in C#08:18
 How to work with other cultures calendar?08:27

Section 45 . C.p. Advance Final Project : Diary Application

 Diary Project Intro01:13
 Create the main form of Diary application06:27
 Add toolbar to main form08:16
 Add minimize & close button to main form11:41
 Add digital clock to sidebar05:43
 Add calendar to sidebar06:54
 Add version label to main form04:13
 Add background to main form11:19
 Add background selector ComboBox15:31
 Save selected background in settings09:58
 Add Media Player to sidebar11:37
 Save selected music in settings05:56
 Design about us form10:45
 Write about us form code in C#11:26
 Design user manager form08:18
 Save user info in settings11:23
 Save user profile image12:27
 Load User image in login form load05:03
 Load user image in main form11:31
 Design login form07:09
 Write login form code08:58
 Add lock application to main form03:54
 Design memo registration form07:23
 Add buttons to memo reg form10:14
 Write memo reg toolbar code06:49
 Show-hide New and Save buttons with code05:24
 Save memo in RTF file with code12:34
 Save memo date & title with code14:02
 Design diary search form08:16
 Load saved memo IDs in listbox08:17
 Load Rtf & title & date of found memo08:34
 Write code to search Memo by ID04:44
 Add short-key to main form toolbar buttons10:47
 Add Try Structure to protect codes in bugs09:48
 Add public message for Errors06:54
 Finalize project - Adding Icons , ...12:09
 Publish Diary Application08:14

Section 46 . D. Welcome to Using Windows Registry in C#. Net

 What you'll learn in Windows Registry in C# to Create Pro C# Apps00:18

Section 47 . D.a. Project 1: Save User name & Login in Registry

 What is Windows registry?05:06
 Registry Current User vs Local Machine?06:09
 Section Overview01:18
 Create C# App to start working with registry04:49
 Add Sub-Key to Current User in Registry06:30
 Add Sub-Key to Local Machine in Registry07:58
 Add multi Sub-Key to a Key in Registry05:20
 Save user name value in Registry06:21
 Save login date and year value in Registry03:35
 Save values and settings in Local Machine02:05
 Load values from Registry Current User08:37
 Set default value while loading from Registry04:35
 Load values from Registry Local Machine02:52
 Check If a Sub-Key exists in the Registry?04:32

Section 48 . D.b. Project 2: Complete Settings Form

 Introduction to settings project00:45
 Design settings form09:19
 Create Sub-Key for my app in Registry05:02
 Save all settings in Registry07:26
 Load all settings from Registry09:47
 Add guard to setting loader with If Statement08:38
 Add Try Structure to protect codes in bugs04:37

Section 49 . D.c. Delete Registry Keys and values

 Delete single Sub-Key from Registry05:09
 Delete multi Sub-Keys from Registry06:48
 Delete values and settings from Registry04:53
 Delete Registry Keys & values of Local Machine04:30

Section 50 . D.d. Project 3: Save Color in Registry

 Section Introduction01:01
 Design the project to save color in Registry06:02
 Convert TextBox Color to String06:24
 Add Registry Subkey for saving color07:04
 Save the Color as string in Registry Value06:45
 Solve the empty Registry key bug in our App06:32
 Add Try Structure to protect codes against errors03:32
 Load the Color from registry08:27
 Set the default Color while loading from Registry05:54
 Convert string to color & assign it to TextBox06:20
 Create C# method for loading color from Registry03:48
 Call color loader method in Form load03:01

Section 51 . D.e. Project 4: Save Font in Registry

 Section Intro00:53
 Design Font loader & saver application03:41
 Convert Font to string04:30
 Save font as string in Registry05:39
 Load the Font from Registry by method05:10
 Assign the Loaded Font to TextBox03:48
 Set the default Font While loading03:12
 Call Font loader method in form load event02:05

Section 52 . D.f. Project 5: Save Size in Registry

 Section Intro00:40
 Design Size saver & loader application05:02
 Change the Size of TextBox with TrackBar07:20
 Save the Size of TextBox in Registry09:11
 Load the Size of TextBox from Registry05:45
 Set the Size default value while loading07:12

Section 53 . D.j. Project 6: Save Location in Registry

 Section Intro00:50
 Design Location saver & loader Application03:10
 Change the Location of TextBox with TrackBar08:44
 Save the Location on TextBox in Registry04:45
 Load the Location of TextBox from Registry07:06
 Set the Location default value while loading03:50

Section 54 . D.h. Project 7: Save Numbers in Registry

 Section Intro00:46
 Save the ComboBox index as Number in Registry05:18
 Load the number from Registry as Combo index06:23
 Set the ComboBox default index while loading04:28

Section 55 . E. Welcome to SQL Server for Beginners

 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements08:07
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 711:47
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 1010:17
 What is SQL Server & its structure?03:10
 Common parts of SQL Server02:13
 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ?07:22
 Customize SQL Server Environment05:53

Section 56 . E.a. SQL Server Database

 What is SQL Server database?03:45
 Create SQL Database03:29
 Different parts of the SQL database03:33
 Rename and delete SQL Database03:17
 Default location of the SQL Database files03:09
 Different type of SQL datbase files05:05
 Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24

Section 57 . E.b. SQL Server Table

 SQL table intro00:45
 What is SQL table?03:03
 Add table to the SQL Database12:31
 Add data to the SQL table05:24
 Load data in to the SQL table05:00
 Change the design of table & save it04:17
 Rename and delete the SQL table02:17
 What is the prefix "dbo" in SQL table name?02:50

Section 58 . E.c. SQL Numeric Data types

 SQL Numeric Data types03:50
 Int data type in SQL08:23
 Bit data type in SQL05:28
 Tinyint data type in SQL03:40
 Smallint data type in SQL04:19
 Bigint data type in SQL02:55
 Float data type in SQL04:09
 Decimal data type in SQL10:27

Section 59 . E.d. SQL English Text Data types

 Section Introduction00:45
 Char data type in SQL07:00
 Varchar data type in SQL05:29
 Varchar(max) data type in SQL06:13
 Text data type in SQL03:28

Section 60 . E.e. SQL Unicode Text Data types

 Section Intro00:45
 nchar data type in SQL07:21
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:45
 nvarchar(max) data type in SQL04:09
 ntext data type in SQL04:15

Section 61 . E.f. Using SQL Database in C# by ADO.Net

 Section Intro to using SQL database in C#00:53
 Create database and table for Goods06:36
 Add sample data to SQL Table03:15
 Create new project in C# to use SQL Database04:38
 Add form to project and customize it04:22
 What is SQL ADO.Net ?03:52
 Add Dataset to C# project04:44
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL05:26
 Simple working with query builder in Tableadapter04:06
 Advance working with query builder in Tableadapter04:33
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:54
 Datatable and Table Adapter in depth05:59
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query03:22
 Add items & Data Gridview to data entry form07:51
 Customize data entry form11:33

Section 62 . F. Welcome to Reporting in C# with Stimulsoft

 What you'll learn in Reporting in C# with Stimulsoft,Crystal Reports Top Replace01:10

Section 63 . F.a. Installing Stimulsoft Reporting

 Download and install Stimulsoft Reporting06:11
 Create your first Stimulsoft Report app in C#09:55
 Working with Stim Report Designer11:46
 Load our report in C# code07:33
 Load the Report from our app folder08:50

Section 64 . F.b. Creating English-French Dictionary

 Download and attach Dictionary SQL Database08:24
 What is SQL ADO.Net?04:13
 Add Dataset & TableAdapter to Dictionary App13:22
 Add DataGridview to show dictionary words04:54
 Add a button to load the words from SQL07:54

Section 65 . F.c. Working with Reports & Page Settings

 Main parts of each report07:38
 Add header and title to the report09:42
 Add details and data to the report06:27
 Bind report to our data inside SQL Database10:39
 Load the report from our C# Application08:59
 Add footer to the report03:18
 How reports are generated?04:56
 Add button to search words11:50
 Add row number to report09:39
 Set measure and paper size of report06:32
 Set the margins of report04:49
 What is the ruler in report?02:58

Section 66 . F.d. Aligning the Controls on Report

 Using the grids in report06:49
 Use mouse to move ,Align & resize the controls05:24
 Align the Databand texts by mouse07:34
 Use keyboard to move ,Align & resize the controls05:40
 Align the controls to grid in report04:16
 Align the controls to center of report01:58
 Group aligning of controls in report07:20
 Group resizing of controls in report10:01
 Lock and unlock the controls on report02:09
 Working with control layers in report06:09

Section 67 . Working with Currency and Number Columns

 Add percentage to numeric column04:22

Section 68 . Multiline , Dynamic Font and RTL Report

 Shrink column by dynamic font size06:25

Section 69 . Formating Odd and Even Rows

 Change backcolor of odd & even rows08:04
 Change border of odd and even rows08:58
 Change alignment of odd and even rows03:54
 Change font of odd and even rows02:19
 Change text color of odd and even rows01:54
 Save and load odd & even style03:24

Section 70 . Working with Report Header & Footer

 Add page number to header09:48
 Add print date to header06:46
 Add print time to report header04:46

Section 72 . G. Start Using the Components

 What is Component?05:27
 What is NuGet?03:16
 Find our favorite components in NuGet05:08
 Add NuGet package manager to Visual Studio03:14

Section 73 . H. welcome to Using Zip File in C# Apps

 What you'll learn in : Using Zip File in C# App - Build Backup & Restore Form00:21

Section 74 . H.a. Installing Zip Component in C#

 Create sample project in C#05:10
 Set the default properties of form02:09
 Find zip component using Nuget04:35
 Install zip component using Nuget console05:08
 Install zip component using Nuget package manager05:07
 Manual Installation of zip component03:50

Section 75 . H.b. Creating Zip Files & Add Folder to Zip File in C#

 Introduction to zip component using object browser04:11
 Create simple zip file by add a single file to it06:06
 Protecting zip codes using Try structure03:10
 Add "Using" structure to create zip file in C#06:07
 Create folder in zip file while creating it05:20
 Add multiple files to zip04:26
 Add Unicode folder name to zip file06:10
 Add password to zip file02:56
 Add simple folder to zip file05:15
 Add a folder to internal folders of zip file02:59

Section 76 . H.c. Project 1: Create Backup Form by Zip in C#

 What are backup & restore forms?02:40
 Add backup form to project04:08
 Design backup form in C#09:06
 Write "Browse Button" code in C#05:54
 Generate auto backup file name05:57
 Add sample data folders & files to our project04:40
 Add sample data folders & files to backup zip file08:18
 Using startup path for building zip file07:12
 Show genius message-box after saving backup file09:51
 Add empty backup file name guard to "Browse" Button02:55
 How to calculate percentage in C#02:47
 C# code to show / hide progress panel05:33
 Create a method to calculate backup progress percentage07:00
 C# code for backup main progress bar07:50
 C# code for backup main progress label04:56
 Backup Sub progress bar & label code in C#06:40

Section 77 . H.d. Extracting Zip File

 Extract the simple zip file06:38
 Extract zip file with overwrite option included03:29

Section 78 . H.e. Project 2: Create Restore Form by Zip in C#

 What is restore form?01:51
 Add restore form to project03:09
 Design restore form in C#06:32
 Write "Browse Button" code in C#05:43
 Add filter for selecting backup file03:05
 Write the code for "Restore Button"06:07
 Add empty backup file name guard before restoring04:04
 Show progress panel while restoring02:17
 Backup file exist checker code in C#03:15

Section 79 . H.f. Publish App on Win Vista & Higher

 Prepare Application to Publish on Windows Vista & higher06:05
 Download .Net framework 4.5.1 to publish App03:59
 Prepare App files for publishing it on Win Vista & higher08:03

Section 80 . H.g. Publish App on Windows XP & Higher

 Change application .net framework version to 402:31
 Download .Net framework 4 to publish App05:06
 Prepare App files for publishing it on Windows XP & higher05:06

Section 82 . I.a. Start Using VirtualBox

 What is Virtual Machine?04:54
 Download and install Oracle VirtualBox05:50
 Quick tour of VirtualBox environment04:30
 Add new Windows 7 virtual machine to VirtualBox08:14
 Working with the settings of Virtual Machine06:45
 Delete virtual machine and settings from VirtualBox02:45
 Preparing Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:11
 Host key in virtual machine02:46
 Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:18

Section 83 . I.b. Working with Virtual Windows

 Quick working with Virtual machine and menus07:49
 Installing Guest addition in virtual Windows 703:30
 Share folder between your windows and virtual windows07:21
 Tips and tricks of share folder problem04:22
 Drag and drop files to virtual windows04:09
 Share clipboard between our Windows and virtual machine02:41

Section 84 . I.c. Backup & Restore Virtual Machine

 Make a backup copy of virtual machine04:46
 Tips and tricks before make a backup of virtual machine02:05
 Restore virtual machine from backup file05:48

Section 85 . J. Welcome to Design Modern GUI Apps in C#

 What you'll learn in Design Modern GUI Apps in C# - for LTR Languages00:19

Section 86 . J.a. Installing Skin Component in C#

 Quick review and road map of this section01:30
 Creating C# new project for working with Skin Component05:44
 Finding Material Skin component in NuGet site06:00
 Installing Material Skin package from NuGet site05:22
 Installing Material Skin package in C# project by NuGet Package manager05:06
 Manual Installation of Material Skin Component in C# Project04:15

Section 87 . J.b. Using Skin Component in C#

 Adding Skin controls to toolbox and use it04:34
 Show the skin in our c# form03:44
 Adding C# code to form for loading Skin03:42
 Change the theme of form by C# code02:41

Section 88 . J.c. Change the Theme of Form by User

 Colors Sheme of Skin Manager in C#03:50
 Change the C# form Color Scheme by using C# code07:58
 Add the buttons to change the theme on form05:26
 Write the code to change the theme of form04:02

Section 89 . J.d. Working with Controls of Material Skin Component

 Using "Raised Button" & "Flat Button"05:32
 Working with "Tab selector" & "Tab Control"03:56
 Using "Single Line Text" and "Label" Control04:51
 Using "Radio Button" & "CheckBox" Control04:01
 Using "Divider" Control01:52
 Using "Context Menu Strip" Control01:59
 Change the font of "Label" & "Tab Control" by Code10:57

Section 90 . J.e. Final Project: Create Modern App With Skin in C#

 Create the skin project in C#.Net05:29
 Set the default properties of form05:18
 Installing the skin package in skin project02:46
 Add the skin to main settings form08:08
 Add the skinned tab control to our form03:50
 Add single line text field control to form08:06
 Add the Tab order to controls on form02:44
 Add radio buttons for selecting language03:08
 Add Save and Cancel buttons04:09
 Design the logo tab-page controls02:32
 Add the skin chooser form to our project07:24
 Add the theme radio buttons to skin chooser form06:24
 Add 4 radio buttons for selecting form theme color06:32
 Add Tab control to Skin Chooser form04:11
 Write skin color changer code in C#.Net04:16
 Add the sub to change form skin color08:11
 Add radio buttons for selecting text color02:51
 Write the code for changing the text color05:10
 Save selected theme in by using App settings10:38
 Restore selected theme by user from settings06:58
 Save selected skin color by using app settings07:11
 Restore selected skin color to radio buttons07:30
 Assign selected skin color to the form07:01
 Save selected text color of skin06:16
 Restore skin selected text color09:02
 Create a public module to restore skin settings06:10
 Make public color changer sub04:09
 Use the public color changer Sub07:01
 Make public Sub for loading selected Skin Theme07:00
 Create a Sub for loading selected Skin color06:55
 Call the Sub to restore the selected skin color06:51
 Make a public Sub for loading selected skin text color03:48
 Test and fix the skin text color loader Sub04:50
 Add Skin Loader Sub to Main Form05:31
 Test and fix the skin text color loader Sub in "Main Form"04:36

Section 92 . J.g. Publishing App to Users PC

 Finalizing project for publish and add Version info06:44
 Download and change the Application Icon03:15
 Which files needed for publishing?08:15
 Download .Net framework 4.5.1 to publish App06:10
 Start publishing App by installing .Net frame work 4.5.104:49
 Publish and test Application in Users Windows 709:33
 Publish and test Application in Users Windows 1003:06

Section 93 . K. Welcome to Create Multi language Apps in C#

 What you'll learn in Create Multi language Apps in C#04:13

Section 94 . K.a. Introduction to Multi Lingual Project

 What is multi lingual application?03:15

Section 95 . K.b. Creating Multi Lingual Project

 Main parts of this course02:32
 Create multi language app in C#03:57
 Set the default properties of form03:06

Section 96 . K.c. Working with Resource files in C#

 Introduction to resource file in C#01:22
 Different types of resource file04:33
 Using project resource file04:57
 Save & restore image from project resource03:13
 Save & restore string from project resource03:08
 Using form resource files05:25
 What is custom resource in project?04:29
 Using items inside custom resource by C# code03:59

Section 97 . K.d. Create Multi Language Form

 Add the new language to a form05:53
 Add the French language to a form06:07
 Change other properties of form & control in multi lingual mode07:12
 Add the Arabic language to a form08:13
 Delete a language by deleting resource file05:56
 Delete a language by disabling form localizable06:19
 Get the language codes list08:31
 Change App language by code to the single-part language in startup06:33
 Change App language by code to country-based language in startup05:09

Section 98 . K.e. Save and Restore Form Language

 Add language list combobox to form05:31
 Save selected language to application settings08:31
 Add empty language guard to code02:37
 Show the app-close message to user06:27
 Add the Guard for language-loader codes in App startup05:16
 Change the App language to user selected language in app startup05:16
 Load the default form language05:09
 Load the last selected language in language combobox06:18

Section 99 . K.f. Translating strings exist inside the Code

 Introduction to multi lingual strings01:03
 Add folder to multi language string resource files04:43
 Add project messages in code to custom resource04:02
 Replace in code messages with resource key name04:28
 Add new multi language form with some string in code to project06:56
 Add common strings and messages to custom resource02:44
 Add custom resource file for different languages04:22
 Translate custom resource file to other languages05:38
 Test and debug "multi lingual strings in code"06:02

Section 100 . K.g. Final Project : Multi Language App

 Create settings form project in C#04:32
 Design the settings form02:35
 Add 4 language to settings form04:29
 Translate settings form to 4 languages07:38
 Add language selection form to project05:29
 Write the "Change Language" button code05:20
 Add custom resource files for all string06:58
 Add correct language code in "Change Language" button02:53
 Translate strings in code to different languages02:52
 Show the app-close message to user07:23
 Load selected language in listbox of "Language Select" form04:31
 Changing the application language by code06:01

Section 101 . K.h. Advance Topics: Multi-Lingual ComboBox

 Section intro00:53
 Add new combobox with items to form05:26
 Translate combobox items in to 4 languages05:42

Section 103 . K.j. Publish and Test Multi-Lingual App in Users PC

 Finalize App and set the versioning info05:24
 Set icon to Application executable file03:13
 Prepare App files for publishing03:05
 Download .Net framework 4 to publish App06:10
 Copy App files in virtual windows 703:58
 Install .Net framework 4 on virtual Windows 703:11
 Test multi-lingual App in user computer06:40

Section 104 . What's Next?

 What you'll learn in next courses?03:58, 2003-2020