Advance SQL in C#: Design Database Apps in C# & SQL

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Duration: About 24:30 Hours

Publish Date: 01/08/2019

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ANKIT Kumar:

it was a fabulous learning experience with Udemy and the author explained each and every thing in detail related to topic

SQL in C# Tutorials

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4 in 1: Barcode Scanner App in C#, Export Excel Data to SQL by C#, Advance ADO.Net, ComboBox in C# & SQL, SQL CRUD in C#


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Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using SQL Server Database in C# Application!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create database apps in SQL Server and create a application for that in C# in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to :

Start Working with SQL Server

Build C# Apps by SQL ADO .Net

Using Barcode scanner by C# App

Search data by Barcode scanner in C# and SQL db

Export Excel data to SQL by C# App

Using the ComboBox in C# and SQL

Advance ADO.Net SQL and C#

CRUD operations in SSMS

CRUD operations in SQL and C# App

and ...

Don't hesitate to start learning SQL Server in C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi SQL & C# world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

C# programmers who want to work with Barcode Scanner in C# code!
C# programmers who want to Search products in C# by using Barcode Scanner!
C# programmers who want to make more money by importing the Excel data in C# and saving it in SQL Server Database!
C# programmers who want to learn Advance ADO .Net in C# and SQL!


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . Introduction to this course

 Introduction to this course05:50
 About Me!01:57
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A. Welcome to Course 1 : Using Barcode Scanner in C# and SQL

 What you'll learn in Using Barcode Scanner in C# and SQL00:53

Section 3 . A.a. Working with Barcode

 Generate and print sample Barcode list05:09
 Read the Barcode with Barcode scanner04:53

Section 4 . A.b. Create Barcode Project in C#

 Create C# project for working with Barcode03:45
 Design the Barcode form04:02

Section 5 . A.c. Quick Review of SQL Server

 Who should watch this section!00:54
 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements08:07
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 711:47
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 1010:17
 What is SQL Server & its structure?03:10
 Common parts of SQL Server02:13
 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ?07:22
 Customize SQL Server Environment05:53
 What is SQL Server database?03:45
 Create SQL Database03:29
 Different parts of the SQL database03:33
 Rename and delete SQL Database03:17
 Default location of the SQL Database files03:09
 Different type of SQL database files05:05
 Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24
 SQL table intro00:45
 What is SQL table?03:03
 Add table to the SQL Database12:31
 Add data to the SQL table05:24
 Load data in to the SQL table05:00
 Change the design of table & save it04:17
 Rename and delete the SQL table02:17
 What is the prefix "dbo" in SQL table name?02:50
 What is SQL Numeric data type?03:50
 Int data type in SQL08:23
 Bit data type in SQL05:28
 Tinyint data type in SQL03:40
 Smallint data type in SQL04:19
 Bigint data type in SQL02:55
 Float data type in SQL04:09
 Decimal data type in SQL10:27
 Section Introduction00:45
 Char data type in SQL07:00
 Varchar data type in SQL05:29
 Varchar(max) data type in SQL06:13
 Text data type in SQL03:28
 Section Intro00:45
 nchar data type in SQL07:21
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:45
 nvarchar(max) data type in SQL04:09
 ntext data type in SQL04:15
 What is GUID in SQL?03:04
 Using GUID in SQL Server08:21
 How to detach SQL database?04:53
 How to attach SQL database?03:30
 Attach SQL database without LDF file04:31
 Make SQL database offline and online03:27
 Create sample database to set identity column05:03
 Add identity and auto increment column and test it07:33
 dentity column count in each table03:35
 Date Time Data type intro00:50
 SQL Date data type06:19
 SQL Smalldatetime data type03:58
 SQL Datetime data type02:54
 SQL Datetime2 data type03:39
 SQL Datetimeoffset data type03:01
 SQL Time data type05:34
 Create phone book project database in SQL Server07:56
 Add personal columns to phone book table07:21
 Add contacts columns to phone book table06:54
 Add address columns to phone book table08:18
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data and test our SQL table06:19
 What is Select Query in SQL?04:40
 Writing our first Select query11:42
 Use Select query with (*) to show all columns02:02
 Sort the records with Select query09:47
 Show specific number of top rows with Select Query04:12
 Show specific number of bottom rows with Select Query03:51
 Reorder the columns in Select Query02:53
 Overview of Where clause for searching data02:09
 Using Where clause to find English characters05:25
 Using Where clause to find Unicode characters02:57
 Using Where clause to find Numbers03:52
 Different operators with Where clause01:53
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Where clause04:45

Section 6 . A.d. Barcode Database in SQL

 Create database in SQL for saving barcode list05:58
 Add sample data in SQL for Barcode list03:06

Section 7 . A.e. Working with SQL ADO.Net

 SQL ADO.Net Introduction03:52
 Add Dataset to C# project04:54
 Connect our project to SQL Database07:03
 SQL Server Connection String in Depth03:00
 Create Select query with C# query editor08:07
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset04:49
 Edit our Select query with table-adapter05:40
 Location for saving connection string02:24

Section 8 . A.f. Connect form to SQL ADO.Net

 Add Datagrid view to Barcode Search form06:32
 Customize default BindingNavigator06:10

Section 9 . A.g. Loading Data with TableAdapter

 Using fill method of TableAdapter in C#06:42
 Adding new select query for loading data by TableAdapter06:56

Section 10 . A.h. Searching Barcode By Barcode Scanner

 Add simple search query to form05:23
 Search user input Barcode06:01
 Manual Search Barcode by Barcode Scanner02:19
 Auto search Barcode by Barcode Scanner07:06
 Search Multiple Barcode by Barcode Scanner03:33

Section 11 . B. Welcome to Course 2 : Export Excel Data to SQL Database in C#

 What you'll learn in Export Excel Data to SQL Database in C#00:53

Section 12 . B.a. Preparing the Requirements

 Requirements of this course05:19
 Download the Excel sample file Preview02:43
 Start working with Google Docs06:21
 Start working with Microsoft One Drive06:46
 Download Excel free component in C#05:10
 Download OpenXml.dll ver 2.0 component05:01

Section 13 . B.b. Quick Review to Visual Studio

 Visual Studio requirements02:04
 How to Install Visual Studio 2017?09:22
 My First C# App ,Visual Studio Windows...12:36
 Properties window in Visual Studio03:49
 Toolbox window,adding controls to form05:36
 What are C# projects files?03:59
 Common properties of C# form12:21
 Advance properties of C# form12:34
 Common properties of Controls13:01

Section 14 . B.c. Visual Studio 2019 Update

 Visual Studio 2019 Section Intro01:09
 Visual Studio 2019 requirements04:18
 How to Install Visual Studio 2019?13:53
 Working with Visual Studio 2019 and C#06:07
 Compare Visual Studio 2019 & Visual Studio 201705:28

Section 15 . B.d. Excel Project in C#

 Create the C# project to work with Excel04:12
 Add Excel DLL to our project06:58
 Add Excel sample file to project08:25

Section 16 . B.e. Working with Excel DLL in C#

 Define and use Excel DLL object in C#09:04
 Load Excel file from app folder09:55
 Get the Excel cell value and show in C#11:56
 Edit Excel file via on Google Docs and reflect it in project05:56

Section 17 . B.f. SQL Server ADO.Net in C#

 Introduction to SQL Server ADO.Net03:52
 Create our project database in SQL Server08:42
 Create our table in SQL Server16:22
 Add sample data to SQL Server Table09:18

Section 18 . B.g. Working with SQL Database in C#

 Connect our project to SQL Database10:12
 Write Select query to load data from SQL14:38
 Edit our Select query with table-adapter01:38

Section 19 . B.h. Design Data Form in C#

 Add Datagridview to form06:57
 Add text boxes and labels to form07:46
 Add the button to load data from SQL06:41
 Add button to insert new row to datatable06:17
 Save new row in the datatable07:44
 Add new record with data to datatable in C# code13:50

Section 20 . B.i. Read Data from Excel file in C#

 Load data from Excel file and show in textboxes12:19
 Check accuracy of loaded data from excel11:16
 Add Excel data to datatable in C#05:11
 Read all data rows of Excel and add it to datatable09:01
 Use Doevents to refresh GUI while importing from Excel07:11
 Clear datatable before Excel importing03:07

Section 21 . B.j. Excel importer Guards

 Get row count of Excel file06:51
 Cancel changes made to datatable new record06:27
 Add Guard to prevent empty rows while importing from Excel06:47

Section 22 . B.k. Excel importer Progress Panel

 Add progress panel to importer form06:27
 Add progress bar to progress panel06:31
 Add Progress number to progress bar panel05:50

Section 23 . B.l. Save Excel Data in SQL Database

 Save Excel one record in SQL Database07:16
 Save all Excel records in SQL Database09:56

Section 24 . C. Welcome to Course 3 : Advance ADO.Net & ComboBox in SQL & C#

 What you'll learn in Advance ADO.Net & ComboBox in SQL & C#02:54

Section 25 . C.a. Create ComboBox Database in SQL

 What is ComboBox and SQL in C#?03:11
 Create SQL Database for combobox03:18
 Add table and sample data for combobox in SQL Db03:04

Section 26 . C.b. ComboBox Project in C# & SQL ADO.Net

 Create ComboBox Project in C#06:11
 Add Dataset to combobox project in C#.Net02:29
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL04:09
 Create Select query with query builder in table adapter09:53
 Configure SQL Query in Table Adapter & connection string in depth07:23

Section 27 . C.c. Simple Using ComboBox in C# & SQL

 Section intro to : Using ComboBox in C# and SQL01:15
 Main parts of ComboBox04:23
 Simple binding of combobox to database08:06
 C# code to load the data by tableadapter08:13
 Binding multiple combobox to database05:48
 Using Selected text and Selected index of combobox10:50
 Using the selected value in combobox05:46

Section 28 . C.d. Advance Using ComboBox in C# & SQL

 What is advance using of combobox in C# and SQL?02:43
 Add group id column to combobox items table in SQL Db08:04
 Add advance combobox form to C# windows form project07:05
 Add group id column to datatable inside the C# project03:51
 Bind multiple ComboBoxes to datatable by the bindingsource05:56
 Filter multiple ComboBoxes items by group id05:34
 In depth filtering the combobox items03:33
 Sort the items of combobox by the bindingsource08:23
 Sort & Filter the Combo Items by C# code05:23
 Speed up form load by excluding unused combo items in form load06:45

Section 29 . C.e. ComboBox Items Form in C#

 Section intro: Create Combobox items form01:00
 Add combobox items manager form to C# project09:14
 Add and Design DataGridView in Combo items form05:25
 Write C# code for save button07:04
 Show message after saving records06:12
 Add delete button to DataGrid View07:34
 Send selected combo group id to Combo items form07:52
 Load the combobox items based on selected combobox10:39
 Manually "Add,Delete,Update" the combobox items by combo items form04:59

Section 30 . C.f. Advance ADO.Net & Datatable

 Section intro: Advance ADO.Net & Datatable02:16
 Datatable structure in depth06:35
 Get the row and column count of datatable06:17
 Get single record Rowstate in datatable05:48
 Get multiple records Rowstate in datatable06:57
 Using "AcceptChanges" method of datatable04:15
 Get the value of single row and column11:14
 Get the value of multiple rows and single column06:45
 Write the value inside single row and single column05:56
 Write the value inside multiple rows and single column05:03

Section 31 . C.g. Add New Item to ComboBox

 Add the new item to combobox by C# code11:59
 Close the form after adding new combo item12:59

Section 32 . C.h. Binding ComboBox to the Database

 Section intro: Binding Combobox to SQL Database02:02
 Add customer info table to SQL database09:52
 Add customer info table to C# App04:55
 Add controls on form to customer info datatable11:11
 Bind ComboBox text to datatable06:50
 Bind ComboBox selected value to datatable06:04
 Advance topic of ComboBox binding05:53

Section 33 . D. Welcome to Course 4 : Using SQL CRUD in C#

 What you'll learn in: Using SQL CRUD operations in C#02:42

Section 34 . D.a. SQL CRUD Operations in SSMS

 Section intro: Sql CRUD operation in Sql Server management studio (SSMS)01:38
 What is the Crud operations?04:43
 Using the SQL INSERT query in simple method10:40
 Using INSERT query without column list03:25
 Advance topics of INSERT query ( Adding Date,Text,Numbers)08:54
 Add NULL values by INSERT query07:12
 Auto generate Insert query in SQL Management Studio (SSMS)04:47
 Using the SQL Update query in simple method07:39
 Advance topics of UPDATE query & Auto generate it07:03
 Use UPDATE method with custom column list03:05
 Using NULL value with UPDATE method05:48
 Using the SQL DELETE query07:01

Section 35 . D.b. Prepare the C# App to use SQL CRUD

 Add & design CRUD form in C# project11:36
 Bind the DGV to datatable and load the data from SQL db07:33

Section 36 . D.c. Using INSERT Method in C# App

 Use default INSERT query of TableAdapter to add the new record09:18
 Add new INSERT query to TableAdapter and used it09:51
 Get the last inserted ID in DataBase after inserting the new record11:42

Section 37 . D.d. Using DELETE Method in C# App

 Use default DELETE query of TableAdapter to delete the record11:29
 Customize the default DELETE query of TableAdapter04:09
 Add our new DELETE query to TableAdapter and use it06:32
 Show confirm Message box to user before deleting a the record06:57

Section 38 . D.e. Using UPDATE Method in C# App

 Show the InputBox to user to edit the value in edit button08:04
 Add new UPDATE query to TableAdapter for updating the record11:34

Section 39 . D.f. Finalizing the C# CRUD Project

 Reload the data after : New,Edit and Delete operations07:13
 Connect the "Combo items CRUD" form to the main form09:34
 Finalize connecting the "Combo items CRUD" form11:00, 2003-2020