Complete SQL in C#: Design Amazing Database Apps in C# & SQL

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Duration: About 63:30 Hours

Publish Date: 01/07/2019

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Craig Ashworth:
Great course. The guy knows his stuff, he can teach it, and he obviously does the SQL as a profession
Henry de Silva:
yes. good pace in the study
Akandji MUJIBU:
Great course! I recommend actively. I've learned enough from you. Thanks.

SQL in C# Tutorials

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

10 in 1:Data Entry App,ADO.Net ,Search SQL in C# ,multi user App,Image in SQL Server ,Backup & Restore,Aggregate,Publish


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using SQL Server Database in C# Application!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to create database apps in SQL Server and create a application for that in C# in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to :

Start Working with SQL Server

Build C# Apps by SQL ADO .Net

Search the SQL Data by C# App

Design Pro Data Entry Forms

Save Image in SQL Db by C# App

Pro English Dictionary by 176,000 Words!

Create Phone Book Project in C#

Multi User App & Login Form in C#

Backup and Restore SQL Db in C#

SQL Aggregates ( Sum, Avg, Max, Min) in C#

Publish C# Apps in SQL in Users PC

Load,Save,Delete & New By C# in SQL

Using Date,Time,Currency & Number in C#

Working with Oracle VirtualBox

and ...

Don't hesitate to start learning SQL Server in C#!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi SQL & C# world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

C# programmers who want to work with SQL Server in C# code!

C# programmers who want to Learn Quickly SQL Server in C# code!

C# programmers who want to make more money by Using SQL Server in C# !


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . A. Welcome to Course 1 : SQL ADO.Net in C#

 Introduction to : SQL ADO.Net in C#09:51
 About Me!00:53
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A.a. Visual Studio 2019 Update

 Visual Studio 2019 Section Intro01:09
 Visual Studio 2019 requirements04:18
 How to Install Visual Studio 2019?13:53
 Working with Visual Studio 2019 and C#06:07
 Compare Visual Studio 2019 & Visual Studio 201705:28

Section 3 . A.b. Quick Review of SQL Server

 Who should watch this section!00:54
 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements08:07
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 711:47
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 1010:17
 What is SQL Server & its structure?03:10
 Common parts of SQL Server02:13
 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ?07:22
 Customize SQL Server Environment05:53
 What is SQL Server database?03:45
 Create SQL Database03:29
 Different parts of the SQL database03:33
 Rename and delete SQL Database03:17
 Default location of the SQL Database files03:09
 Different type of SQL datbase files05:05
 Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24
 What is SQL table?03:03
 Add table to the SQL Database12:31
 Add data to the SQL table05:24
 Load data in to the SQL table05:00
 Change the design of table & save it04:17
 Rename and delete the SQL table02:17
 What is the prefix "dbo" in SQL table name?02:50
 What is SQL Numeric data type?03:50
 Int data type in SQL08:23
 Bit data type in SQL05:28
 Tinyint data type in SQL03:40
 Smallint data type in SQL04:19
 Bigint data type in SQL02:55
 Float data type in SQL04:09
 Decimal data type in SQL10:27
 Char data type in SQL07:00
 Varchar data type in SQL05:29
 Varchar(max) data type in SQL06:13
 Text data type in SQL03:28
 nchar data type in SQL07:21
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:45
 nvarchar Max data type in SQL04:09
 ntext data type in SQL04:15
 What is GUID in SQL?03:04
 Using GUID in SQL Server08:21
 How to detach SQL database?04:53
 How to attach SQL database?03:30
 Attach SQL database without LDF file04:31
 Make SQL database offline and online03:27
 Create sample database to set identity column05:03
 Add identity and auto increment column and test it07:33
 Identity column count in each table03:35
 SQL Date data type06:19
 SQL Smalldatetime data type03:58
 SQL Datetime data type02:54
 SQL Datetime2 data type03:39
 SQL Datetimeoffset data type03:01
 SQL Time data type05:34

Section 4 . A.c. Create "Phone Book" Database in SQL

 Quick review and road map of this course02:20
 Create "Phone Book" database in SQL03:47
 Add "Phone Book" table to SQL database03:52
 Add personal & contact columns to "Phone Book" table08:02
 Add Address columns to "Phone Book" table05:58
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data in SQL for "Phone Book" table04:03

Section 5 . A.d. Select Data by SQL Select Query

 What is Select Query in SQL?04:40
 Writing our first Select query11:42
 Use Select query with (*) to show all columns02:02
 Sort the records with Select query09:47
 Show specific number of top rows with Select Query04:12
 Show specific number of bottom rows with Select Query03:51
 Reorder the columns in Select Query02:53

Section 6 . A.e. SQL ADO.Net in C#

 Section Introduction for SQL ADO.Net01:03
 SQL ADO.Net Introduction03:52
 Create C# Phone Book Project for SQL Server05:22
 Add Dataset to C# project07:05
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset11:56
 SQL Server Connection String in Depth07:38

Section 7 . A.f. Dataset and Table Adapter

 Using Manual Query editor in C#04:51
 Using Diagram & Criteria to Create SQL Select Query10:58
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:37
 What is Dataset and Data table in C#03:24
 What is Table Adapter in C#04:28
 How to configure SQL Query in Table Adapter05:11

Section 8 . A.g. Creating Phone Book Data Form

 Add Datagrid view to Phone Book form09:20
 Resolve errors and create form again04:54
 What is Binding Source?04:52
 Add All Textboxes & Labels to Phone Book Form06:45
 Adding Textbox & Label one by one to Form04:39
 Configure New , Delete and Save Buttons in Form04:36
 Add Records to Dataset and save in SQL Server Database03:49

Section 9 . A.h. Data Entry Form Toolbar

 Section intro00:55
 Upgrade to Visual Studio 2019 my Phone Book project03:58
 Add toolbar to data entry form07:41
 Add image to toolbar buttons06:20
 Enable|Disable toolbar buttons by C# code07:44
 Create method for Enable|Disable buttons04:19
 Enable|Disable Datagridview & Groupbox by C# code06:09

Section 10 . A.i. Data Entry Buttons C# Coding

 Write "Add New " button code in C#04:21
 Write "Save Changes" button code in C#09:13
 Show message box after saving data to SQL04:30
 Write "Delete" button code in C#05:01
 Write "Edit" & "Cancel" buttons code in C#07:37
 Add empty record guard to "Edit" & "Delete" Buttons07:14
 Disable groupbox Items when click the "Delete" button02:09

Section 11 . A.j. Using TableAdapter & BindingNavigator

 TableAdapter section intro00:48
 Use default Fill method of TableAdapter09:03
 Add new Fill method for TableAdapter and use it09:19
 Add new BindingNavigator and using it06:36
 Customize default BindingNavigator05:53

Section 12 . A.k. Working with DataGridView

 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...05:56
 Disable DGV column & row resize01:19
 Add and remove DGV columns05:51
 Change the width and visibility of columns in DGV02:49
 Change the text of Columns in DGV05:22

Section 13 . A.l. Advance Topics of DataTable & BindingSource

 Get the Row count by using DataTable05:40
 Get the Row count after deleting some records by using DataTable03:40
 Sort the records inside DataTable using Select query06:39
 Get the Row count by using BindingSource06:12
 Get the current record position using BindingSource05:09
 Sort the records inside DataTable using BindingSource06:35

Section 14 . A.m. Create Custom BindingNavigator

 Design custom BindingNavigator by normal buttons06:54
 Write the code to navigate between records03:22
 Adding "Current Record" & "Total Records" labels to custom Navigator08:22
 Disable "First" & "Previous" buttons in first record06:30
 Disable "Last" & "Next" buttons in last record07:45

Section 15 . A.n. Adding Protection to C# Codes

 Using "Try" structure to protect C# codes against errors11:08

Section 16 . A.o. Save Customer Image in SQL Database

 Section intro for saving customer image in SQL DB01:16
 Steps to save customer image in SQL database01:55
 Add customer image picturebox and browse button05:34
 Write the code to load customer image in C#05:50
 Add empty image guard to customer image03:48
 Add filter for selecting customer image04:33
 Add "No Image" picture for new customer image04:15
 Add customer image column to SQL Server database03:45
 Add customer image column to C# project by Configuring TableAdapter03:25
 Save Image in SQL DataBase06:02
 Configure TableAdpter to load saved image in form05:34

Section 17 . B. Welcome to Course 2 : Beginners Search SQL in C#

 What you'll learn in : Beginners course to Search SQL Server data in C#00:48

Section 18 . B.a. Review: Create "Phone Book" Database in SQL

 Introduction to Phone Book Database in SQL01:47
 Create phone book project database in SQL Server07:56
 Add personal columns to phone book table07:21
 Add contacts columns to phone book table06:53
 Add address columns to phone book table08:18
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data and test our SQL table06:19

Section 19 . B.b. Phone Book Project in C# to Search the Data

 Introduction to Phone Book in C#00:51
 Create C# Phone Book Project for SQL Server07:08
 Add Dataset & TableAdapter to Phone Book app10:38
 Bind datatable to Datagrid View on form05:30
 Load data in to form from the SQL database06:04

Section 20 . B.c. Where Clause for Searching Data in SQL

 Introduction to Where Clause in SQL02:30
 Using Where clause to find English characters05:25
 Using Where clause to find Unicode characters02:57
 Using Where clause to find Numbers03:52
 Different operators with Where clause01:53
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Were clause04:45

Section 21 . B.d. Searching SQL Data in C# Form

 Introduction to Searching data in C#01:15
 Write query to search fix last name in C#07:10
 Write query to search last name from textbox06:07
 Write query to search numeric columns07:23
 Search Unicode text in SQL table by C#05:57
 Use Not equal operator(<>) for searching in C# and SQL04:17
 Use other operators for search in SQL numeric columns in C#04:23

Section 22 . B.e. SQL Like Operator for Searching

 Introduction to LIKE Operator in SQL06:04
 LIKE operator simple usage for searching data03:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the end04:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the beginning05:17
 Using Like to Search everywhere with Wildcard '%'05:42
 Searching Unicode column with Wildcard '%'04:36
 Using other Wildcards with LIKE operator02:54
 Using NOT operator with LIKE operator03:13

Section 23 . B.f. Searching Data in C# by SQL LIKE operator

 Introduction for Searching Data by SQL LIKE in C#01:05
 LIKE operator in table adapter for searching fix Last Name07:23
 Search words with common starting by WildCard '%' with SQL Like04:20
 Searching words with common ending by WildCard '%' and SQL Like03:50
 Searching words anywhere with WildCard '%'+ SQL Like04:25
 Use LIKE operator for searching Unicode Values05:34

Section 24 . B.g. Between Operator In SQL for Searching Data

 Introduction to Between Operator for Searching in SQL01:01
 Introduction to Between operator04:28
 Between operator for Numeric column searching06:30
 Between operator for Text column searching05:39
 Between operator for Date column searching07:50
 Using NOT operator with Between operator06:20

Section 25 . B.h. Between Operator in C# Project

 Introduction to Between operator in C#01:33
 Add Between operator to table adapter to search a rage of dates09:58
 Design form to use Between operator03:02
 Working with DateTimePicker control07:45
 C# code to search between dates07:15

Section 26 . B.i. Final Project 1: Advance Search Form

 Section Intro to advance search project03:02
 Create the advance search project in C#05:20
 Set form default setting and add dataset03:41
 Connect Project & Dataset to SQL Databse05:32
 Design search form and add controls to it10:20
 Write the code to show and hide controls10:22
 Add DataGrid View to form04:54
 Search data by date of birth between 2 dates07:01
 Search data by last name and 4 operators10:08
 Show message box when search type is not selected05:12
 Search last name by between and not equal operator08:30
 Protect the code by try structure08:03

Section 27 . B.j. Final Project 2: Pro English Dictionary

 Section intro: create Pro English Dictionary with 176,000 words02:57
 How to download SQL Database of Dictionary with 176,000 words04:04
 Attach SQL database inside SQL Data folder04:31
 Attach SQL database inside custom folder05:04
 Create the English Dictionary project in C#04:41
 Set the default properties of dictionary form02:33
 Design the English Dictionary main form06:52
 Add the dataset to C# project02:12
 Connect C# project to SQL Server03:47
 Write Select query in table adapter and add datatable06:39
 Bind data gridview and binding navigator to Datatable06:21
 Customize DGV columns (resize,column header, ...)06:55
 Change the color of odd & even records in DGV07:39
 Change the row height & row header width of DGV04:34
 Add a textbox to show the definition completely06:19
 Add a query to search exact word in tableadapter04:59
 Write the code to search exact Word in C# code05:18
 Add a query to search similar words in tableadapter04:15
 Add the search type combobox to form05:51
 Write C# code to identify selected search type03:01
 Write the code to search similar Words in C# code08:09
 Show the progress panel while searching the words04:52
 Sort the records after searching by table-adapter09:12
 Use the binding-source to sort the words after searching06:02
 Show message box when there is nothing to search06:18
 Add a button to show all words in dictionary06:37
 Finalize project by loading the default data in the startup05:27

Section 28 . C. Welcome to Course 2.1 : Intermediate Search SQL in C#

 What you'll learn in : intermediate course to search SQL data in C#06:41

Section 29 . C.a. Prepare Project to Search Data by Filter

 Section intro for project to search data by filter02:24
 Various methods to search data04:34
 Create the project in C# to search data by filter06:17
 Add Dataset to C# project01:51
 Connect the project to SQL database by adding Table-Adapter & datatable05:06
 Add the data-gridview to project and design dictionary form03:53

Section 30 . C.b. Search Numeric, Date & Text data by Filter

 Section intro: Search Numeric Data by Filter01:09
 Search fix number by filter in numeric column10:15
 Other operators with filter to search numeric column06:42
 Using Logical operators with filter to advance search08:52
 Section intro: Search Text Data by Filter01:07
 Using the filter to search exact text in text column05:12
 Filter & like operator to search similar values07:30
 Logical operators with text and numeric columns07:01
 Section intro: sort the records & remove filter01:08
 Sort the records by single column with the binding-source08:36
 Multi-column sorting with bindingsource03:59
 Remove the filter property of the bindingsource04:30
 Remove the sort property of the bindingsource03:16
 Section intro: search the date by filter method01:26
 Add phone book form to search the date column by filter08:33
 Add DateTimePicker and DGV to phone book form07:06
 C# code to search fix date by filter method09:25
 Effect of Windows regional format to search date by filter03:12
 Use DateTimePicker to search the date by filter method05:36
 Change DateTimePicker value by C# code05:58

Section 31 . C.c. Project 1: Fast English Dictionary By the Filter

 Section intro: fast English dictionary by filter01:47
 Prepare previous dictionary project to develop09:06
 C# code to load the default records of dictionary05:40
 Use filter method to write "Show all" button code02:01
 Search exact word by filter method04:42
 Search similar words in dictionary by filter method09:01
 Make Dictionary startup faster by timer control10:15

Section 32 . C.d. Project 2: Fast Phone Book Search By Filter

 Section intro: fast phone book project by filter01:49
 Prepare previous phone book project to develop07:16
 C# code to load the all records of phone book in app startup07:00
 C# code for "Show all" Button by filter method02:09
 Use filter to search exact last name in phone book07:08
 Use filter to search similar last name in phone book08:05
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with filter to search data05:36
 Search the date column by filter07:35
 Sort records after searching by filter03:49

Section 33 . C.e. Project 3: Advance Auto Search by Filter

 What is auto search app?00:54
 Design auto search filter panel10:11
 What is caption and column name in datatable?04:33
 Add all columns caption to combobox08:17
 Add all columns name to listbox04:38
 Add all columns data type to listbox05:48
 Get selected search column name & data type04:05
 Exclude adding image column to columns list combobox04:03
 Add methods in C# code to generate filter05:53
 Generate search filter for string columns09:14
 Generate search filter for int columns04:10
 Generate search filter for date columns04:08
 Sort records after searching by filter04:12
 Protect C# codes using try structure and ...09:07
 C# code to "No filter Button"03:18
 C# code to auto search while typing06:43
 Prepare Search by All items C# code08:00
 Search all string columns by filter in C# code09:36
 Debug C# code to filter all string data?09:28
 Search all integer columns by filter in C# code06:56
 Search all date columns by filter in C# code05:52
 What is country based language code?04:26
 Effect of Windows regional format of date column in C# App05:32
 Get Application short date format06:23
 Validate the date for left to right languages08:20
 Validate the date for Arabic languages04:08
 Add Persian date column to SQL db and C# App09:48
 Validate only Persian date08:49
 Validate date for Persian & Arabic & LTR languages in same method05:46
 Validate the date only for selected date column08:16
 Change App Culture for left to right languages10:12
 Validate the date by App culture for left to right languages07:35
 Change App culture to Arabic and validate the date04:46
 Change App culture to Persian and validate the date08:38

Section 35 . D.a. Start Using the MaskedTextBox

 What is MaskedTextBox and it's usage00:37
 Add a new form and MaskedTextBox to the project05:52
 Using the MaskedTextBox by default masks09:12
 Main parts of the mask property for Date values09:37
 Change the prompt character of MaskedTextBox02:46
 Disable Space key on the MaskedTextBox05:24

Section 36 . D.b. MaskedTextBox for Date,Time,Number & Currency

 Get the final Text of MaskedTextBox in C# code07:03
 Using MaskedTextBox for Date and Time values04:50
 Using MaskedTextBox for Numerics values04:13
 What is the country based language code?04:26
 Localized Currency by using the MaskedTextBox08:10
 Localized Date using the MaskedTextBox03:27
 Using the MaskedTextBox with Arabic language09:41
 Using the MaskedTextBox with Persian language07:05

Section 37 . D.c. Validating Date,Time,Number & Currency

 Validating the Date in MaskedTexbox for LTR languages11:22
 Advance tips for Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Date for LTR languages09:19
 Validating Arabic & Persian Date by MaskedTexbox & other RTL languages09:28
 Validating the Time by MaskedTexbox08:16
 Validating the Number by MaskedTexbox14:15
 Validating the Currency by MaskedTexbox07:29

Section 38 . D.d. Save Date,Time,Currency & Number by C# in SQL Db

 Create a SQL database for using MaskedTextBox in C#06:07
 Add customer info table to SQL database10:03
 Add sample data to SQL Server Table09:36
 Add 3 form to project for English,Arabic & Persian language08:49
 Set the form default properties and add the dataset03:26
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:10
 Add Datagrid view and items to form10:58
 Write C# code to save data and load them back07:25
 Effect of Windows regional format of date column in C# App02:50
 Change the culture of App by C# code07:46
 Add MaskedTextBoxs to form and bind them to Datatable09:51
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Date datatype03:56
 Change Application short date format in C# code08:48
 C# code to Validate the Date inside MaskedTextbox for LTR languages10:53
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Time datatype04:16
 Change Application short & long time format in C# code05:21
 C# code to Validate the Time in MaskedTexbox08:21
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Numeric datatype04:38
 C# code to Validate the Number in MaskedTexbox10:57
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Currency datatype05:50
 C# code to change currency symbol in App culture04:03
 C# code to Validate the Currency in MaskedTextbox04:56

Section 39 . D.e. Create Class & Method for data Validation

 Add class & method for data validation to C# project06:34
 Move our codes to validator method06:42
 Add parameter to our method09:17
 Add return value to validator method01:48
 Use the validator method in our form06:24
 Test and check the method by break point06:20

Section 40 . D.f. Arabic & Persian Date,Time,Number... in C# and SQL

 Design Arabic data entry form with date,time , ...10:49
 Change App culture to Arabic by C# code10:48
 Validate the Arabic date,time,number, ...05:49
 Design Persian data entry form with date,time , ...09:46
 Change App culture to Persian by C# code04:29
 Validate the Persian date,time,number, ...07:02

Section 41 . E. Welcome to Course 4 : Create Amazing Data Entry Forms

 What you'll learn in : Create Amazing Data Entry Forms in SQL & C#00:53

Section 42 . E.a. Create SQL Database for Goods

 Section Intro for SQL Database00:26
 Create database and table for goods06:54
 Add sample data to SQL Server Table03:15

Section 43 . E.b. Start Using SQL Databse in C# App by ADO.Net

 Create new project in C#04:38
 Add form for first data entry form04:31
 SQL ADO.Net Introduction03:52
 Add Dataset to C# project04:44
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL05:26
 Simple working with query builder in Tableadapter04:06
 Advance working with query builder in Tableadapter04:33
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:54
 Datatable and Table Adapter in depth05:59
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query03:22

Section 44 . E.c. First Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to first method data entry form02:13
 Create data entry form by using first method06:54
 Working with BindingNavigator03:23
 Loading data with auto C# generated codes!08:17

Section 45 . E.d. First Method: Write C# Code for Data Entry Form

 Add data entry buttons in to top of form06:29
 Disable and enable data entry buttons by C# code08:13
 Write the code for "New Record" Button04:38
 Write the code for "Save Changes" Button05:24
 Show message box after saving data to SQL07:38
 Write the code for "Delete Record" Button03:10
 Write the code for "Edit Record" & "Cancel" Buttons06:15
 Disable & enable DataGridView and group box08:50
 Prevent "Edit"&"Delete Button" empty record error06:35
 Working with DataGridView settings05:39

Section 46 . E.e. Second Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to second method: data entry form00:49
 Create data entry form by using second method05:43
 Design the main form of second method06:34
 Design the child form of second method data entry07:36
 Write the code to show the child form04:28
 Add status label to child form06:36

Section 47 . E.f. Second Method: Write C# Code for Data Entry Form

 Write the code for "New Record" Button04:00
 Write "Save Changes" button code in C#02:55
 Reload the data after saving changes in SQL06:59
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form09:30
 Add the SQL query to load data by ID in TableAdapter06:50
 Write the code of "Edit Button" by using the "Fill By ID" query07:38
 Add the empty record guard to "Edit Button"06:02
 Write "Delete" button code in C#09:19
 Sort records by "ID" column by 2 methods06:07
 Finalize second method forms06:01

Section 48 . E.g. Third Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to 3rd method of data entry form01:56
 Add forms for 3rd data entry form04:30
 Design the main form of 3rd method08:07
 Show the child form of 3rd method data entry04:32
 Design the child form of 3rd method data entry05:26

Section 49 . E.h. Third Method: Write C# Code for Data Entry Form

 Write the code for child form of 3rd data entry form05:24
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form07:39
 Fix the empty record error in "add/edit" button03:22
 load data by selected "ID" in child form04:05
 Correct the "Delete Button" code07:52
 Add the empty record guard to "Edit Button" & "Delete Button"06:10
 Add main form to show 3 data entry main forms08:38
 Using Try structure to protect code against SQL Errors13:14

Section 50 . F. Welcome to Course 5 : Save Image in SQL & C#

 What you'll learn in: Saving Image in SQL Server Database by C#00:08
 How to load the Project files after downloading07:20

Section 51 . F.a. Create User List in SQL Database

 Create SQL Database for users List06:08
 Add image column to table in SQL05:23
 Add Users sample data in SQL Database04:29

Section 52 . F.b. Add SQL Database in C#

 Create Users List project in C#06:11
 Add Dataset to C# project03:23
 Connect C# project to SQL Server06:12
 Add Select query to Table adapter10:08
 Add Datatable to Dataset and Tips04:54

Section 53 . F.c. Design User List Form

 Add Datagrid view & Items to Users form08:48
 Add user picture box to form04:09
 Write code to load user image in C#07:14
 Add empty image guard to user image03:28
 Add filter for selecting user image03:50
 Add "No Image" picture for empty user image08:21

Section 54 . F.d. Data Entry Form Toolbar

 Add toolbar to data entry form05:07
 Add image to toolbar buttons07:10
 Enable|Disable toolbar buttons by C# code07:28
 Create method for Enable|Disable buttons06:20

Section 55 . F.e. Data Entry Buttons C# Coding

 "Add New User" button code in C#04:10
 "Save Changes" button code in C#08:59
 Show message box after saving data to SQL07:29
 "Delete User" button code in C#03:10
 "Edit" & "Cancel" buttons code in C#06:13
 Save user image in SQL Database07:02

Section 56 . F.f. Customize DataGrid View (DGV)

 Set the size of Image column in DGV04:33
 Set the height of Image column in DGV02:05
 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...06:24
 Resize DGV columns06:36
 Change the column header of DGV02:14

Section 57 . F.g. Save Image Manually in SQL DataBase

 Section intro : Save image manually in SWL00:45
 Convert Image to Binary or Byte array07:33
 Save image binary directly in SQL database07:19
 Solve the error when insert method not found06:34
 Show message box after saving image in SQL04:20
 Add Guard to prevent empty image error04:11
 Insert data into SQL by using textboxes03:52

Section 58 . G. Welcome to Course 6 : Multi User Apps in C#

 What you'll learn in : Multi User App by Login Form in C# & SQL00:46

Section 59 . G.a. Create User Login Database in SQL & Use it in C#

 Create SQL Database for Users Login02:58
 Create table for Users Login in SQL Database07:46
 Add Users Login sample data in SQL Database02:38
 Create Users Login project in C#03:51
 Add main form for project05:32
 Add top & bottom panels with buttons07:31
 Add image & text to toolbar buttons06:49
 Add Dataset to C# project02:51
 Connect C# project to SQL Server07:32
 Add Select query to Table adapter05:43
 Finish adding Datatable to Dataset and Tips03:09

Section 60 . G.b. Design Login List Main Form

 Add main login users list form to C# project03:57
 Add Datagrid view to login users list form05:52
 Write the code to load user list data by TableAdapter03:33
 Customize DataGrid View (DGV)07:47

Section 61 . G.c. Design User Register Form

 Add user register form04:34
 Design User Register Form06:11
 Add items to user register form07:39
 Write the code to disable & enable data entry buttons06:58
 Write the code to disable & enable items inside groupbox03:46

Section 62 . G.d. Coding User Register Form in C#

 Write "Add New User " button code in C#02:25
 Write "Save Changes" button code in C#05:53
 Show message box after saving data to SQL04:34
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form08:30
 Add the SQL query to load data by ID in TableAdapter03:45
 Write the code to load user data by selected ID03:53
 Write "Edit" & "Delete" button code in C#04:37
 Write "Cancel" button code in C#03:15
 Add empty record guard to "Edit" & "Delete" Buttons04:56
 Fill the data by last "ID" after saving in database06:05
 Refresh the records after closing user register form02:27

Section 63 . G.e. Saving User Image in SQL Database

 Section intro for saving user image00:44
 Load the user image in picturebox05:17
 Add the guard for empty user image03:15
 Add filter for selecting user image03:50
 Saving User Image in SQL Database04:35

Section 64 . G.f. Design User Login Form

 Add login form to project03:46
 Design login form and adding controls to it06:35
 Bind user name combobox to data table03:26
 Add login info labels to login form02:48
 Bind user image picturebox to user image column01:57
 Write the code to verify user entered password05:29
 Limit password textbox chars and add guard to ...04:57

Section 65 . G.g. Using Login Form by Main Form

 Section intro for using login form00:39
 Show users list form within main form05:41
 Show login form at App startup05:51
 Write the "Exit Button" code in login form02:57
 Saving user login info in App settings07:06
 Show login user image & name in main form04:34
 Finalize login form coding!03:24

Section 66 . G.h. Advance Topics: Product List Data Entry Form

 Section intro02:08
 Create "Product List" database in SQL Server05:02
 Add sample data in SQL for Product List table02:44
 Add "Product List" table to dataset in our Project03:34
 Add Product List data entry form04:18
 Design the Product List form05:36
 Write the code for Product List form to save data09:44
 Add value to the "User Name" & "User Id" labels04:47
 Add value to the "System Date" & "System Time" labels06:15
 Connect Product List form to the main form05:10

Section 67 . G.i. Finalizing the Project

 Add guard & protection to codes by "Try" Structure09:14
 Add the background image to the main form01:56

Section 68 . H. Welcome to Course 7 : Backup & Restore data in C# Apps & SQL

 What you'll learn in: Build Backup & Restore form C# Apps & SQL04:14

Section 69 . H.a. Start Using Backup and Restore Course

 Steps to add the backup & restore to C# apps01:56

Section 70 . H.b. Create Sample Database in SQL & Use it in C#

 Section intro: Creating the sample database00:52
 Create the sample database in SQL Server04:36
 Add sample data and test our SQL table02:41
 Section intro: Creating the C# app for SQL database01:19
 Add new project in C#06:16
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:17
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:38
 Add Datagrid view to form06:29

Section 71 . H.c. Backup and Restore the Database in SQL

 Simple database backup in SQL Server06:25
 Advance database backup in SQL Server08:20
 SQL script to make a database backup in SQL Server07:03
 Restore database from SQL internal backup list06:24
 Restore database from SQL backup file04:01
 Advance topics of database restore in SQL Server03:49
 SQL script to restore a database backup in SQL Server08:55

Section 72 . H.d. Run SQL Backup Query in C# App

 Steps to run SQL Backup Query in C# App03:49
 Add "SQL command" & "SQL connection" to C# code04:03
 Add 6 steps to run SQL Query in C# code08:17
 Add backup script to run in C#06:17
 Change backup file name & path and ... in C#05:33

Section 73 . H.e. Run SQL Restore Query in C# App

 Add restore script to run in C#06:58
 Advance topics about restore command in C# code02:39

Section 74 . H.f. Create Professional C# Backup Form

 Add backup form to C# project04:43
 Design backup form in C#09:58
 C# code for "Browse" & "Exit" Buttons05:12
 C# code to generate the backup file name05:29
 Add empty backup folder name guard to "Browse" Button04:44
 C# code for "Backup & Exit" Button05:51
 Add empty backup file name guard to "Backup" Button03:24
 Show message after creating the SQL backup in C#13:00
 Show backup progress panel while backing up database05:05
 C# code to exit the backup form after backup process05:06

Section 75 . H.g. Create Professional C# Restore Form

 Add restore form to C# project03:52
 Design restore form in C#03:17
 C# code for "Browse" & "Exit" Buttons05:37
 Add empty backup file name guard to "Browse" Button03:27
 Start writing the "Restore" button code08:44
 Complete "Restore" button code09:23
 Add database exist checker to "Restore" button11:52

Section 76 . H.h. Supplementary Topics

 Show "Backup" & "Restore" forms from main form03:32

Section 77 . I. Welcome to Course 8 : SQL Aggregate Functions in C#

 What you'll learn in: Using Aggregate Functions in C# and SQL00:46

Section 78 . I.a. Create Sample Database in SQL & Use it in C#

 Section intro: Creating the sample database01:31
 Create the sample database in SQL Server04:36
 Add sample data and test our SQL table02:41
 Section intro: Creating the C# app for SQL database01:14
 Add new project in C#06:16
 What is SQL ADO.Net technology?03:23
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:17
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:38
 Add Datagrid view to form06:29
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query04:20

Section 79 . I.b. COUNT Aggregate Function

 Using COUNT aggregate function in SQL Editor07:59
 Add new aggregate query to tableadapter02:50
 Add COUNT function to tableadapter in C#06:45
 Using the COUNT query in C# form05:22
 Working the "GetvalueorDefault" method03:11

Section 80 . I.c. SUM & AVG Aggregate Function

 Using SUM aggregate function in SQL Editor07:04
 Add SUM function to tableadapter in C#07:26
 Using the SUM query in C# form06:07
 Using AVG aggregate function in SQL Editor04:25
 Add AVG function to tableadapter in C#04:51
 Using the AVG query in C# form04:49

Section 81 . I.d. MIN & MAX Aggregate Function

 Using MIN aggregate function in SQL Editor04:27
 Add MIN function to tableadapter in C#05:37
 Using the MIN query in C# form03:02
 Using MAX aggregate function in SQL Editor04:42
 Add MAX function to tableadapter in C#04:14
 Using the MAX query in C# form04:03

Section 82 . I.e. Add Condition to Aggregate in Numeric Columns

 Add condition to aggregate in numeric columns in SQL editor06:17
 Add condition to aggregate in numeric columns in TableAdapter07:54
 Use condition with aggregate query in C# form08:41

Section 83 . I.f. Add Condition to Aggregate in Text Columns

 Using "Equal" & "LIKE" operators with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor09:11
 Using "Between" operator with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor04:40
 Logical operators with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor07:27
 Add condition to aggregate in text columns in TableAdapter07:33
 Use condition with aggregate query in C# form10:24

Section 85 . J.a. Start Using VirtualBox

 What is Virtual Machine?04:54
 Download and install Oracle VirtualBox05:50
 Quick tour of VirtualBox environment04:30
 Add new Windows 7 virtual machine to VirtualBox08:14
 Working with the settings of Virtual Machine06:45
 Delete virtual machine and settings from VirtualBox02:44
 Preparing Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:11
 Host key in virtual machine02:46
 Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:18

Section 86 . J.b. Working with Virtual Windows

 Quick working with Virtual machine and menus07:49
 Installing Guest addition in virtual Windows 703:30
 Share folder between your windows and virtual windows07:21
 Tips and tricks of share folder problem04:22
 Drag and drop files to virtual windows04:09
 Share clipboard between our Windows and virtual machine02:40

Section 87 . J.c. Backup & Restore Virtual Machine

 Make a backup copy of virtual machine04:46
 Tips and tricks before make a backup of virtual machine02:05
 Restore virtual machine from backup file05:48

Section 88 . K. Welcome to Course 10 : Publish SQL Apps by C# in Users PC

 What you'll learn in: Publish SQL Server Apps by C# in Users PC00:53

Section 89 . K.a. Create Shop Database in SQL & Use it in C#

 Create SQL Database for shop04:41
 Add sample data in SQL for product list02:58
 Create shop project in C# to use SQL Database06:28
 Add Dataset and table-adapter to C# project07:20
 Working with query builder in Tableadapter05:40
 Add Datagrid view to shop form07:19

Section 91 . K.c. Preparing to Test C# App in VirtualBox

 Introduction to publishing App process01:17
 Open shop project for publishing03:47
 Copy App files in virtual windows 706:49
 How to Install .Net framework 2.0 on virtual machine06:26
 Install .Net framework 4 on virtual Windows 707:41
 Change application .net framework version to 404:56

Section 92 . K.d. Publishing App Methods

 Different methods for publishing Apps With C# & SQL04:06

Section 93 . K.e. First Publish Method: Manual attaching of Database

 Download SQL Server 2014 express with SSMS07:19
 Copy SQL installation file to virtual machine & start installation06:38
 Define dedicated SQL Server name & user & pass02:00
 Install SQL 2014 express with SSMS in virtual Windows 708:38
 Start working with SQL management studio in virtual machine03:58
 Working with SQL Server configuration manager05:41
 What is Application config file?08:57
 Use dot (.) in SQL Server name03:53
 Copy shop SQL Database to virtual machine07:28
 Attach Shop SQL Database in virtual Windows 7 to SQL Server04:25
 Finalize publish process of C# App06:15
 Protect SQL login info in Users computer04:13
 Add new connection to App in settings section04:11
 Change connection string of tableadapter in C# code06:27
 Write the C# code for switching between Connections before publishing App09:57

Section 94 . K.f. Second Publish Method : Using SQL User Instance

 Section Intro: Second publish method02:20
 Add New Virtual Machine & Install .net framework 4 and ...08:27
 Download SQL Server 2014 express05:21
 Define dedicated SQL Server name & user & pass03:56
 Prepare Installing SQL Server Express05:34
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 706:56
 Copy SQL Database inside C# project06:56
 Move C# project to Drive "E"03:23
 SQL Server Connection String in Depth07:42
 SQL Server normal instance Vs User instance06:07
 Add new connection string to use SQL user instance04:35
 Complete connection to SQL Db file to SQL user instance06:57
 What is "|DataDirectory|" in connection string?03:37
 Using new connection string with TableAdapter05:51
 Solve "database already exist" error while connecting to SQL user instance06:43
 Get the list of SQL user instance in SQL management studio03:52
 Connecting to SQL user instance in SQL management studio03:33
 Detach and delete databases from SQL user instance06:50
 Attach SQL db file to SQL user instance with initial catalog03:33
 Attach SQL db file to SQL user instance with empty initial catalog04:52
 Solve in depth "database already exist" error with initial catalog05:56
 Solve in depth "database already exist" error with empty initial catalog04:11
 Different types of initial catalog in connection string02:45
 Using empty initial catalog for publishing SQL app by SQL user instance07:42
 Using not empty initial catalog for publishing SQL app by SQL user instance08:51
 Make easier 2nd method publish process and develop process09:43

Section 95 . K.g. Third Publish Method: Normal SQL Instance

 Preparing 3rd Publish method for publishing SQL Apps in C#02:45
 Add connection to SQL normal instance07:37
 Adding permission to SQL database folder07:55
 Check effect of auto connecting database to SQL normal instance09:55
 Publish SQL App with SQL authentication and SQL normal instance07:47
 Publish SQL App with Windows authentication and SQL normal instance07:40
 Make easier 3rd method publish process and develop process09:49, 2003-2020