Practical MySQL Series: Oracle MySQL Database for Beginners

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Duration: About 6:00 Hours

Publish Date: 22/01/2020

MySQL Tutorials

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

Learn Easily the SQL Server Database From Scratch ,Install MySQL ,Create Database,Table,MySQL Data types,Utf8,Utf8mb4,..


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn Oracle MySQL Server!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial that learn the MySQL Server in simplest way!

If you wanna make more money with learning the MySQL!

I started from beginning and show you:

- How to install Oracle MySQL.

- Create first data base in Oracle MySQL Server and ...

- Table and how to create,delete,rename and ...

- Numeric data types.

- English and Unicode text data types.

- Date and Time data types.

- Auto increment column.

- Create Phone Book database project from scratch!


Don't hesitate to start learning MySQL Server!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi MySQL world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:
  • Any one who wants to start Oracle MySQL Server but can't find appropriate source!

| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . Introduction

 Introduction to this course01:06
 About Me01:57
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . Installing Oracle MySQL Server

 Download the Oracle MySQL Server06:10
 Install MySQL on Windows 10-64 Bit12:35
 Install .Net framework 4.5.2 on Windows 7-64 Bit05:05
 Install MySQL on Windows 7- 64 Bit12:29

Section 3 . Start Working with MySQL

 Various features of MySQL Server04:05
 Create the MySQL Connection for connecting to it06:48
 Using main parts on MySQL & it's Workbench06:46

Section 4 . Using MySQL Database

 What is MySQL Database?03:10
 Create the Database in MySQL server09:31
 Edit- delete and configure My SQL database?07:35

Section 5 . Charset and Collation in My SQL

 What is Charset in My SQL Database?06:24
 What is the Collation in My SQL Database?05:33
 Utf8mb4 Charset and Collation in MySQL Database06:55

Section 6 . MySQL Server Table

 introduction to My SQL Table05:17
 Add Simple table to the MySQL Database07:54
 Create Multi-Column table in MySQL08:38
 How to edit and configure the table in MySQL?07:00
 Add sample data to MySQL table07:31

Section 7 . Numeric Data Types in MySQL

 What is data type?02:53
 What is Numeric data type?04:48
 Tinyint data type in MySQL08:31
 Smallint data type in MySQL07:15
 Mediumint data type in MySQL07:31
 Int or Integer data type in MySQL06:28
 Bigint data type in MySQL06:55
 Display width and Zero fill in MySQL10:07

Section 8 . Decimal Data Types in MySQL

 Various Decimal Data Types in MySQL05:30
 Decimal Data Type in MySQL10:14
 Float Data Type in MySQL06:59
 Double Data Type in MySQL10:35

Section 9 . Date Time Data types in MySQL

 Various Date Time Data types in MySQL03:41
 Date Data type in MySQL03:42
 Date Time data types in MySQL05:18
 Time Data type in MySQL04:40
 Year Data type in MySQL03:24

Section 10 . String Data Types in MySQL

 Various Text & Char data types in MySQL05:44
 Char data type for English language09:50
 Char data type for Unicode languages04:48
 VarChar data type for English language10:44
 VarChar data type for Unicode language06:51
 What is the max row size of of MySQL table?06:36

Section 11 . Text Data Types in MySQL

 Tinytext data type for English language06:55
 Using value editor or text editor in MySQL03:37
 "Text" Data Type in MySQL for English language08:09
 MediumText Data Type in MySQL for English language06:57
 max_allowed_packet in MySQL for big value saving!05:51
 Longtext data type for English language in MySQL05:13
 Using text data types for Unicode languages04:19
 Unicode space requirement in MySQL text columns04:29

Section 12 . Auto Increment Column In MySQL

 What is Auto-Increment column in MySQL?04:05
 Add Auto-Increment column in MySQL03:57
 Reset Auto Increment value in MySQL05:53

Section 13 . "Phone Book" Database Project in MySQL

 Create Phone Book Database in MySQL04:24
 Add Personal columns to "Customer List" table09:32
 Add Contact columns to "Customer List" table05:40
 Add auto increment to "ID" column02:17
 Add sample data and test our MySQL table09:59

Section 14 . Select Query In MySQL

 What is Select Query in MySQL?00:50
 Use Select query with (*) to show all columns06:43
 Writing our first Select query05:43
 Sort the records with Select query05:52
 Limit number of rows with Select Query04:27

Section 15 . Where Clause for Searching Data in MySQL

 Overview of Where clause for searching data01:17
 Using Where clause to find English & Unicode characters08:42
 Make where clause , case sensitive while searching05:49
 Using Where clause to find Numbers06:13
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Were clause02:15

Section 16 . Between Operator for Searching Data in MySQL

 Introduction to Between operator03:44
 Between operator for Numeric column searching04:51
 Between operator for Text column searching03:32
 Between operator for Date column searching03:57
 Using NOT operator with Between operator05:25

Section 17 . IN Operator for Searching in MySQL

 intro to SQL IN operator and it's usage01:43
 In operator for searching multiple values07:07
 In operator for searching multiple Unicode Text values03:00

Section 18 . MySQL Like Operator for Searching

 Introduction to LIKE Operator in MySQL01:50
 LIKE operator simple usage for searching data06:36
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' to search similar values07:02
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' to search similar Unicode values03:01
 Using other Wildcards with LIKE operator05:41
 Using NOT operator with LIKE operator02:52

Section 19 . Logical Operators of MySQL

 Introduction to MySQL logical operators01:12
 Using 'AND' logical operator05:42
 Using 'OR' logical operator05:37
 Using 'AND' with 'OR' operator together04:30

Section 20 . NULL Values in MySQL

 What is NULL value in MySQL?07:01
 Check to see if a column is NULL?02:11
 Check to see if a column is NOT NULL?02:28

Section 21 . Alias Names in MySQL

 Create a simple Alias column03:55
 MySQL Concat function to create Alias column with multiple columns04:21

Section 22 . MySQL Aggregate Functions

 Using COUNT function in MySQL07:28
 Using SUM function in MySQL06:16
 Using AVG function in MySQL05:02
 Using MIN function in MySQL04:42
 Using MAX function in MySQL04:05
 Using multiple Aggregate function together in MySQL03:59, 2003-2020