SQL Server Database for Beginners - Learn SQL From Scratch

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Duration: About 9:30 Hours

Publish Date: 01/04/2019

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Avram Lum:
Very good course and concise with great examples!
I'm enjoying so far. Can't wait to get my hands dirty.
Marcel Gibert Sánchez:
Fue una muy buena elección.

SQL Server Tutorials

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Learn Easily the SQL Server Database From Scratch ,SQL Select Query,Operators,...|Search Data by Real SQL Project Sample


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn SQL Server!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial that learn the SQL Server in simplest way!

If you wanna make more money with learning the SQL!

I started from beginning and show you how to install SQL Server 2014.

Then started to create first data base in SQL Server and ...

- Table and how to create,delete,rename and ...

- Numeric data types.

- English and Unicode text data types.

- Date and Time data types.

- GUID data type.

- Identity auto increment column.

- Attach,Detach and making DB offline.

- Create Phone Book database project from scratch!

- Select query for showing data.

- Searching data with Where Clause.

- Searching data with Between , IN , NOT , LIKE operators.

- Searching data with ( = , < , <= , >, >= , <> ) operators.

- Wildcards in Like Operator such as %.

- About Logical Operators of SQL.

- NULL Values in SQL.

- Alias Names in SQL.

- SQL Aggregate Functions.

Don't hesitate to start learning SQL Server!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi SQL world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:
  • Any one who wants to start SQL Server but can't find appropriate source!

| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . Introduction

 About me00:16
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A. Welcome to SQL Server

 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements08:07
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 711:47
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 1010:17
 What is SQL Server & its structure?03:10
 Common parts of SQL Server02:13
 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ?07:22
 Customize SQL Server Environment05:53

Section 3 . A.a. SQL Server Database

 What is SQL Server database?03:45
 Create SQL Database03:29
 Different parts of the SQL database03:33
 Rename and delete SQL Database03:17
 Default location of the SQL Database files03:09
 Different type of SQL datbase files05:05
 Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24

Section 4 . A.b. SQL Server Table

 SQL table intro00:45
 What is SQL table?03:03
 Add table to the SQL Database12:31
 Add data to the SQL table05:24
 Load data in to the SQL table05:00
 Change the design of table & save it04:17
 Rename and delete the SQL table02:17
 What is the prefix "dbo" in SQL table name?02:50

Section 5 . A.c. SQL Numeric Data types

 What is SQL Numeric data type?03:50
 Int data type in SQL08:23
 Bit data type in SQL05:28
 Tinyint data type in SQL03:40
 Smallint data type in SQL04:19
 Bigint data type in SQL02:55
 Float data type in SQL04:09
 Decimal data type in SQL10:27

Section 6 . A.d. SQL English Text Data types

 Section Introduction00:45
 Char data type in SQL07:00
 Varchar data type in SQL05:29
 Varchar(max) data type in SQL06:13
 Text data type in SQL03:28

Section 7 . A.e. SQL Unicode Text Data types

 Section Intro00:45
 nchar data type in SQL07:21
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:45
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:09
 ntext data type in SQL04:15

Section 8 . A.f. SQL Other Data Types

 What is GUID in SQL?03:04
 Using GUID in SQL Server08:21

Section 9 . A.g. SQL Database Working Tips

 How to detach SQL database?04:53
 How to attach SQL database?03:30
 Attach SQL database without LDF file04:31
 Make SQL database offline and online03:27

Section 10 . A.h. Identity and Auto Increment Column in SQL Server

 Create sample database to set identity column05:03
 Add identity and auto increment column and test it07:33
 Identity column count in each table03:35

Section 11 . A.i. SQL Date Time Data types

 Date Time Data type intro00:50
 SQL Date data type06:19
 SQL Smalldatetime data type03:58
 SQL Datetime data type02:54
 SQL Datetime2 data type03:39
 SQL Datetimeoffset data type03:01
 SQL Time data type05:34

Section 12 . A.j. Phone Book Database Project in SQL Server

 Create phone book project database in SQL Server07:56
 Add personal columns to phone book table07:21
 Add contacts columns to phone book table06:54
 Add address columns to phone book table08:18
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data and test our SQL table06:19

Section 13 . A.k. Select Query In SQL

 What is Select Query in SQL?04:40
 Writing our first Select query11:42
 Use Select query with (*) to show all columns02:02
 Sort the records with Select query09:47
 Show specific number of top rows with Select Query04:12
 Show specific number of bottom rows with Select Query03:51
 Reorder the columns in Select Query02:53

Section 14 . A.l. Where Clause for Searching Data in SQL

 Overview of Where clause for searching data02:09
 Using Where clause to find English characters05:25
 Using Where clause to find Unicode characters02:57
 Using Where clause to find Numbers03:52
 Different operators with Where clause01:53
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Were clause04:45

Section 15 . A.m. Between Operator for Searching Data

 Introduction to Between operator04:28
 Between operator for Numeric column searching06:30
 Between operator for Text column searching05:39
 Between operator for Date column searching07:50
 Using NOT operator with Between operator06:21

Section 16 . A.n. IN Operator for Searching in SQL

 SQL IN operator intro and it's usage01:22
 In operator for searching multiple Text values05:31
 In operator for searching multiple Numeric values05:00
 In operator for searching multiple Date values06:18
 In operator for searching multiple Unicode Text values02:56

Section 17 . A.o. SQL Like Operator for Searching

 Introduction to LIKE Operator in SQL05:25
 LIKE operator simple usage for searching data03:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the end04:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the beginning05:17
 Using Like to Search everywhere with Wildcard '%'05:42
 Searching Unicode column with Wildcard '%'04:36
 Using other Wildcards with LIKE operator02:54
 Using NOT operator with LIKE operator03:13

Section 18 . A.p. Logical Operators of SQL

 Introduction to SQL logical operators01:13
 Using 'AND' logical operator08:36
 Using 'AND' logical operator with Unicode column03:23
 Using 'OR' logical operator06:23
 Using 'OR' logical operator with Unicode column02:57
 Using 'AND' with 'OR' operator together05:53

Section 19 . A.q. NULL Values in SQL

 What is NULL value in SQL?06:16
 Check to see a column is NULL?02:59
 Check to see a column is NOT NULL?02:28

Section 20 . A.r. Alias Names in SQL

 Create a simple Alias column05:06
 Create Alias column with multiple columns06:31
 STR function to Add Numeric column to text column03:39
 Tips for creating Alias columns02:49

Section 21 . A.s. SQL Aggregate Functions

 What is SQL Aggregate function?01:03
 Add debt and income columns to SQL table03:38
 Using COUNT function in SQL07:46
 Using SUM function in SQL05:50
 Using AVG function in SQL04:29
 Using MIN function in SQL06:32
 Using MAX function in SQL05:10
 Using multiple Aggregate function together in SQL06:17

Section 22 . A.t. Backup & Restore the Database in SQL Server

 Create the sample database in SQL Server04:36
 Add sample data and test our SQL table02:22
 Simple database backup in SQL Server06:22
 Advance database backup in SQL Server08:20
 SQL script to make a database backup in SQL Server06:34
 Restore database from SQL internal backup list06:24
 Restore database from SQL backup file04:01
 Advance topics of database restore in SQL Server03:49
 SQL script to restore a database backup in SQL Server08:36

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