Complete SQL in VB.Net :Design Pro Database Apps in VB & SQL

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Duration: About 60:00 Hours

Publish Date: 01/07/2019

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Todd Peterson:
The instructor did a nice job with this course. He goes over the subject nicely and takes enough time go allow absorption. I have signed up for several of his other courses. This was a very good learning experience and he taught me quite a few new things.
Gaby Elia:
It was really great course and i got huge benefit, i recommend this course to every one and please we need more such courses.

SQL in VB.Net Tutorials

| Tutorial Contents of this course :

10 in 1:Data Entry App,ADO.Net ,Search SQL in VB ,multi user App,Image in SQL Server,Backup & Restore,Aggregate,Publish


| Tutorial Overview:

Hi There!

With my 20 years programming skills i'm with you to share my knowledge with you.


If you try you will learn using SQL Server Database in VB.Net Application!

If you are beginners or student looking for a tutorial to database app in SQL Server and create a application for that in VB.Net in simplest way!

I started from beginning and show you how to:

Start Working with SQL Server

Build VB. Net Apps by SQL ADO .Net

Search the SQL Data by VB. net App

Design Pro Data Entry Forms

Save Image in SQL Db by VB .net App

Pro English Dictionary by 176,000 Words!

Create Phone Book Project in VB .net

Multi User App & Login Form in VB. net

Backup and Restore SQL Db in VB. Net

SQL Aggregates ( Sum, Avg, Max, Min) in VB .Net

Publish VB .net Apps in SQL in Users PC

Load,Save,Delete & New By VB. net in SQL

Using Date,Time,Currency & Number in VB. Net

Working with Oracle VirtualBox

and ...

Don't hesitate to start learning SQL Server in!

Every thing will be discussed with sample project and you will have lot of fun within my course.

Say Hi SQL & VB .net world and let's go !!!

Who this course is for:

VB. Net programmers who want to work with SQL Server in Visual Basic code!
VB. Net programmers who want to Learn Quickly SQL Server in VB. Net code!
VB. Net programmers who want to make more money by Using SQL Server in Visual Basic !


| Table of Contents:

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Section 1 . A. Welcome to Course 1 : SQL ADO.Net in VB.Net

 Introduction: What you'll learn in SQL ADO.Net by VB.Net?07:57
 About Me!00:54
 How to increase sound volume of tutorials?02:01

Section 2 . A.a. Visual Studio 2019 Update

 Visual Studio 2019 Section Intro01:09
 Visual Studio 2019 requirements04:18
 How to Install Visual Studio 2019?13:53
 Working with Visual Studio 2019 and VB.Net07:27
 Compare Visual Studio 2019 & Visual Studio 201705:28

Section 3 . A.b. Quick Review of SQL Server

 Who should watch this section!00:54
 Download SQL Server 2014 express & requirements08:07
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 711:47
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 1010:17
 What is SQL Server & its structure?03:10
 Common parts of SQL Server02:13
 What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ?07:22
 Customize SQL Server Environment05:53
 What is SQL Server database?03:45
 Create SQL Database03:29
 Different parts of the SQL database03:33
 Rename and delete SQL Database03:17
 Default location of the SQL Database files03:09
 Different type of SQL datbase files05:05
 Using SQL Server configuration manager06:24
 SQL table intro00:45
 What is SQL table?03:03
 Add table to the SQL Database12:31
 Add data to the SQL table05:24
 Load data in to the SQL table05:00
 Change the design of table & save it04:17
 Rename and delete the SQL table02:17
 What is the prefix "dbo" in SQL table name?02:50
 What is SQL Numeric data type?03:50
 Int data type in SQL08:23
 Bit data type in SQL05:28
 Tinyint data type in SQL03:40
 Smallint data type in SQL04:19
 Bigint data type in SQL02:55
 Float data type in SQL04:09
 Decimal data type in SQL10:27
 Section Introduction00:45
 Char data type in SQL07:00
 Varchar data type in SQL05:29
 Varchar(max) data type in SQL06:13
 Text data type in SQL03:28
 Section Intro00:45
 nchar data type in SQL07:21
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:45
 nvarchar data type in SQL04:09
 ntext data type in SQL04:15
 What is GUID in SQL?03:04
 Using GUID in SQL Server08:21
 How to detach SQL database?04:53
 How to attach SQL database?03:30
 Attach SQL database without LDF file04:31
 Make SQL database offline and online03:27
 Create sample database to set identity column05:03
 Add identity and auto increment column and test it07:33
 Identity column count in each table03:35
 Date Time Data type intro00:50
 SQL Date data type06:19
 SQL Smalldatetime data type03:58
 SQL Datetime data type02:54
 SQL Datetime2 data type03:39
 SQL Datetimeoffset data type03:01
 SQL Time data type05:34

Section 4 . A.c. Create "Phone Book" Database in SQL

 Quick review and road map of this course02:20
 Create "Phone Book" database in SQL03:47
 Add "Phone Book" table to SQL database03:52
 Add personal & contact columns to "Phone Book" table08:02
 Add Address columns to "Phone Book" table05:58
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data in SQL for "Phone Book" table04:03

Section 5 . A.d. Select Data by SQL Select Query

 What is Select Query in SQL?04:40
 Writing our first Select query11:42
 Use Select query with (*) to show all columns02:02
 Sort the records with Select query09:47
 Show specific number of top rows with Select Query04:12
 Show specific number of bottom rows with Select Query03:51
 Reorder the columns in Select Query02:53

Section 6 . A.e. SQL ADO.Net in VB. Net

 Section Introduction for SQL ADO.Net in VB01:03
 SQL ADO.Net Introduction03:52
 Create VB.Net Phone Book Project for SQL Server06:19
 Make a back up of our project03:47
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project09:25
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset13:00
 SQL Server Connection String in Depth07:57

Section 7 . A.f. Dataset and Table Adapter

 Using Manual Query editor in VB.Net07:22
 Using Diagram & Criteria to Create SQL Select Query10:59
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset09:01
 What is Dataset and Data table in VB.Net06:19
 What is Table Adapter in VB.Net07:41
 How to configure SQL Query in Table Adapter05:34

Section 8 . A.g. Creating Phone Book Data Form

 Add Datagrid view to Phone Book form10:41
 Resolve errors and create form again08:31
 What is Binding Source?05:35
 Add All Textboxes & Labels to Phone Book Form07:23
 Adding Textbox & Label one by one to Form05:15
 Configure New , Delete and Save Buttons in Form05:13
 Add Records to Dataset and save in SQL Server Database05:41

Section 9 . A.h. Data Entry Form Toolbar

 Section intro00:48
 Upgrade to Visual Studio 2019 my Phone Book project07:30
 Add toolbar to data entry form05:12
 Add image to toolbar buttons07:09
 Enable|Disable toolbar buttons by VB.Net code07:32
 Create method for Enable|Disable buttons04:12
 Enable|Disable Datagridview & Groupbox by VB.Net code05:58

Section 10 . A.i. Data Entry Buttons VB.Net Coding

 Write "Add New " button code in VB.Net03:47
 Write "Save Changes" button code in VB.Net07:14
 Show message box after saving data to SQL04:18
 Write "Delete User" button code in VB.Net06:05
 Write "Edit" & "Cancel" buttons code in VB.Net07:56
 Add empty record guard to "Edit" & "Delete" Buttons06:11
 Disable groupbox Items when click the "Delete" button01:39

Section 11 . A.j. Using TableAdapter & BindingNavigator

 TableAdapter section intro00:48
 Use default Fill method of TableAdapter09:09
 Add new Fill method for TableAdapter and use it10:15
 Add new BindingNavigator and using it07:05
 Customize default BindingNavigator03:57

Section 12 . A.k. Working with DataGridView

 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...05:56
 Disable DGV column & row resize01:19
 Add and remove DGV columns05:51
 Change the width and visibility of columns in DGV02:49
 Change the text of Columns in DGV05:22

Section 13 . A.l. Advance Topics of DataTable & BindingSource

 Get the Row count by using DataTable05:08
 Get the Row count after deleting some records by using DataTable02:17
 Sort the records inside DataTable using Select query06:04
 Get the Row count by using BindingSource04:51
 Get the current record position using BindingSource03:07
 Using BindingSource to Sort the records inside DataTable05:09

Section 14 . A.m. Create Custom BindingNavigator

 Design custom BindingNavigator by normal buttons07:34
 Write the code to navigate between records02:04
 Adding "Current Record" & "Total Records" labels to custom Navigator04:15
 Disable "First" & "Previous" buttons in first record05:14
 Disable "Last" & "Next" buttons in last record05:20

Section 15 . A.n. Adding Protection to VB.Net Codes

 Using "Try" structure to protect VB.Net codes against errors08:22

Section 16 . A.o. Save Customer Image in SQL Database

 Section intro for saving customer image in SQL DB01:16
 Steps to save customer image in SQL database01:55
 Add customer image picturebox and browse button05:34
 Write the code to load customer image in VB.Net05:56
 Add empty image guard to customer image04:07
 Add filter for selecting customer image05:34
 Add "No Image" picture for new customer image03:05
 Add customer image column to SQL Server database03:45
 Add customer image column to VB.Net project by Configuring TableAdapter03:25
 Save Image in SQL DataBase06:02
 Configure TableAdpter to load saved image in form04:27

Section 17 . B. Welcome to Course 2 : Beginners Search SQL in VB,Net

 What you'll learn in : Beginners course to Search SQL Server data in VB.Net07:41

Section 18 . B.a. Review: Create "Phone Book" Database in SQL

 Introduction to Phone Book Database in SQL01:47
 Create phone book project database in SQL Server07:56
 Add personal columns to phone book table07:21
 Add contacts columns to phone book table06:54
 Add address columns to phone book table08:18
 Add identity and auto increment column06:43
 Add sample data and test our SQL table06:19

Section 19 . B.b. Phone Book Project in VB.Net to Search the Data

 Introduction to phone book in VB.Net00:51
 Create VB.Net Phone Book Project for SQL Server08:21
 Add Dataset & TableAdapter to Phone Book app09:25
 Bind datatable to Datagrid View on form05:03
 Load data in to form from the SQL database05:01

Section 20 . B.c. Where Clause for Searching Data in SQL

 Introduction to Where Clause in SQL02:30
 Using Where clause to find English characters05:25
 Using Where clause to find Unicode characters02:57
 Using Where clause to find Numbers03:52
 Different operators with Where clause01:53
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with Were clause04:45

Section 21 . B.d. Searching SQL Data in VB.Net Form

 Introduction to Searching data in VB.Net Form01:15
 Write query to search fix last name in VB.Net06:42
 Write query to search last name from textbox05:49
 Write query to search numeric columns07:44
 Search Unicode text in SQL table by VB.Net05:54
 Use Not equal operator(<>) for searching in VB.Net and SQL03:41
 Use other operators for search in SQL numeric columns in VB.Net04:47

Section 22 . B.e. SQL Like Operator for Searching

 Introduction to LIKE Operator in SQL06:04
 LIKE operator simple usage for searching data03:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the end04:50
 LIKE operator with Wildcard '%' at the beginning05:17
 Using Like to Search everywhere with Wildcard '%'05:42
 Searching Unicode column with Wildcard '%'04:36
 Using other Wildcards with LIKE operator02:54
 Using NOT operator with LIKE operator03:13

Section 23 . B.f. Searching Data in VB.Net by SQL LIKE operator

 Introduction for Searching Data by SQL LIKE in VB.Net01:05
 LIKE operator in table adapter for searching fix Last Name07:16
 Search words with common starting by WildCard '%' with SQL Like03:45
 Searching words with common ending by WildCard '%' and SQL Like03:01
 Searching words anywhere with WildCard '%'+ SQL Like03:35
 Use LIKE operator for searching Unicode Values05:20

Section 24 . B.g. Between Operator In SQL for Searching Data

 Introduction to Between Operator for Searching in SQL01:01
 Introduction to Between operator04:28
 Between operator for Numeric column searching06:30
 Between operator for Text column searching05:39
 Between operator for Date column searching07:50
 Using NOT operator with Between operator06:21

Section 25 . B.h. Between Operator in VB.Net Project

 Introduction to Between operator in VB.Net01:33
 Add Between operator to table adapter to search a rage of dates09:58
 Design form to use Between operator03:02
 Working with DateTimePicker control07:45
 VB.Net code to search between dates06:52

Section 26 . B.i. Final Project 1: Advance Search Form

 Section Intro to advance search project03:02
 Create the advance search project in VB.Net04:40
 Set form default setting and add dataset03:40
 Connect Project & Dataset to SQL Databse05:32
 Design search form and add controls to it10:20
 Write the code to show and hide controls09:27
 Add DataGrid View to form04:43
 Search data by date of birth between 2 dates07:11
 Search data by last name and 4 operators10:36
 Show message box when search type is not selected05:00
 Search last name by between and not equal operator08:18
 Protect the code by try structure09:01

Section 27 . B.j. Final Project 2: Pro English Dictionary

 Section intro: create Pro English Dictionary with 176,000 words02:57
 How to download SQL Database of Dictionary with 176,000 words04:04
 Attach SQL database inside SQL Data folder04:31
 Attach SQL database inside custom folder05:04
 Create the English Dictionary project in VB. Net05:31
 Set the default properties of dictionary form02:33
 Design the English Dictionary main form06:52
 Add the dataset to VB.Net project02:30
 Connect VB. Net project to SQL Server03:47
 Write Select query in table adapter and add datatable06:39
 Bind data gridview and binding navigator to Datatable05:51
 Customize DGV columns (resize,column header, ...)06:55
 Change the color of odd & even records in DGV07:39
 Change the row height & row header width of DGV04:34
 Add a textbox to show the definition completely06:19
 Add a query to search exact word in tableadapter04:59
 Write the code to search exact Word in VB .Net code04:45
 Add a query to search similar words in tableadapter04:15
 Add the search type combobox to form05:17
 Write VB.Net code to identify selected search type03:32
 Write the code to search similar Words in VB. Net code07:56
 Show the progress panel while searching the words04:24
 Sort the records after searching by table-adapter09:12
 Use the binding-source to sort the words after searching06:02
 Show message box when there is nothing to search06:25
 Add a button to show all words in dictionary06:37
 Finalize project by loading the default data in the startup03:50

Section 28 . C. Welcome to Course 2.1 : Intermediate Search SQL in VB. Net

 What you'll learn in : intermediate course to search SQL data in VB.Net06:41

Section 29 . C.a. Prepare Project to Search Data by Filter

 Section intro for project to search data by filter02:24
 Various methods to search data05:10
 Create the project in VB .Net to search data by filter05:11
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project01:32
 Connect the project to SQL database by adding Table-Adapter & datatable05:06
 Add the data-gridview to project and design dictionary form04:24

Section 30 . C.b. Search Numeric, Date & Text data by Filter

 Section intro: Search Numeric Data by Filter01:09
 Search fix number by filter in numeric column10:48
 Other operators with filter to search numeric column06:31
 Using Logical operators with filter to advance search07:39
 Section intro: Search Text Data by Filter01:07
 Using the filter to search exact text in text column04:40
 Filter & like operator to search similar values08:07
 Logical operators with text and numeric columns07:18
 Section intro: sort the records & remove filter01:08
 Sort the records by single column with the binding-source07:25
 Multi-column sorting with bindingsource04:32
 Remove the filter property of the bindingsource04:50
 Remove the sort property of the bindingsource03:04
 Section intro: search the date by filter method01:26
 Add phone book form to search the date column by filter07:35
 Add DateTimePicker and DGV to phone book form07:35
 Vb.Net code to search fix date by filter method09:35
 Effect of Windows regional format to search date by filter03:00
 Use DateTimePicker to search the date by filter method06:38
 Change DateTimePicker value by Vb. Net code05:51

Section 31 . C.c. Project 1: Fast English Dictionary By the Filter

 Section intro: fast English dictionary by filter00:45
 Prepare previous dictionary project to develop08:07
 VB.Net code to load the default records of dictionary06:43
 Use filter method to write "Show all" button code03:36
 Search exact word by filter method05:52
 Search similar words in dictionary by filter method08:03
 Make Dictionary startup faster by timer control11:26

Section 32 . C.d. Project 2: Fast Phone Book Search By Filter

 Section intro: fast phone book project by filter00:54
 Prepare previous phone book project to develop09:07
 VB.Net code to load the all records of phone book in app startup06:59
 VB .Net code for "Show all" Button by filter method02:18
 Use filter to search exact last name in phone book06:28
 Use filter to search similar last name in phone book06:51
 Use Not equal operator(<>) with filter to search data05:48
 Auto search by filter05:34
 Search the date column by filter06:30
 Sort records after searching by filter03:48

Section 34 . D.a. Start Using the MaskedTextBox

 What is MaskedTextBox and it's usage00:37
 Add a new form and MaskedTextBox to the project05:26
 Using the MaskedTextBox by default masks09:12
 Main parts of the mask property for Date values09:37
 Change the prompt character of MaskedTextBox02:46
 Disable Space key on the MaskedTextBox05:24

Section 35 . D.b. MaskedTextBox for Date,Time,Number & Currency

 Get the final Text of MaskedTextBox in VB.Net code07:51
 Using MaskedTextBox for Date and Time values05:28
 Using MaskedTextBox for Numerics values06:16
 What is the country based language code?04:26
 Using the MaskedTextBox for localized Currency08:32
 Using the MaskedTextBox for localized Date03:27
 Using the MaskedTextBox with Arabic language09:41
 Using the MaskedTextBox with Persian language07:05

Section 36 . D.c. Validating Date,Time,Number & Currency

 Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Date for LTR languages10:16
 Advance tips for Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Date for LTR languages06:53
 Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Date for Arabic & Persian & other RTL languages09:37
 Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Time09:00
 Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Number16:16
 Validating MaskedTexbox Text as Currency06:45

Section 37 . D.d. Save Date,Time,Currency & Number by VB.Net in SQL Db

 Create a SQL database for using MaskedTextBox in VB.Net06:07
 Add customer info table to SQL database10:03
 Add sample data to SQL Server Table09:36
 Add 3 form to project for English,Arabic & Persian language09:46
 Set the form default properties and add the dataset03:26
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:10
 Add Datagrid view and items to form09:13
 Write VB.Net code to save data and load them back07:43
 Effect of Windows regional format of date column in VB.Net App02:50
 Change the culture of App by VB. Net code07:26
 Add MaskedTextBoxs to form and bind them to Datatable10:24
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Date datatype03:56
 Change Application short date format in VB .Net code08:12
 VB code to Validate the Date inside MaskedTextbox for LTR languages10:04
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Time datatype04:16
 Change Application short & long time format in VB.Net code05:17
 VB.Net code to Validate the Time in MaskedTexbox07:39
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Numeric datatype05:35
 VB.Net code to Validate the Number in MaskedTexbox08:32
 Prepare MaskedTextBox for Currency datatype05:50
 VB. Net code to change currency symbol in App culture03:07
 VB .Net code to Validate the Currency in MaskedTextbox07:09

Section 38 . D.e. Create Class & Method for data Validation

 Add class & method for data validation to Visual Studio project05:01
 Move our codes to validator method06:22
 Add parameter to our method07:53
 Add return value to validator method02:17
 Use the validator method in our form05:09
 Test and check the method by break point05:40

Section 39 . D.f. Arabic & Persian Date,Time,Number... in VB.Net and SQL

 Design Arabic data entry form with date,time , ...10:09
 Change App culture to Arabic by visual basic code10:00
 Validate the Arabic date,time,number, ...08:49
 Design Persian data entry form with date,time , ...09:52
 Change App culture to Persian by visual basic code05:53
 Validate the Persian date,time,number, ...08:42

Section 40 . E. Welcome to Course 4 : Create Amazing Data Entry Forms

 What you'll learn in : Create Amazing Data Entry Forms in SQL & VB.Net02:59

Section 41 . E.a. Create SQL Database for Goods

 Section Intro for SQL Database00:26
 Create database and table for goods06:54
 Add sample data to SQL Server Table03:15

Section 42 . E.b. Start Using SQL Database in VB.Net App by ADO.Net

 Create new project in VB.Net05:15
 Add form for first data entry form04:27
 SQL ADO.Net Introduction03:52
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project04:45
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL05:26
 Simple working with query builder in Tableadapter04:06
 Advance working with query builder in Tableadapter04:33
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset05:54
 Datatable and Table Adapter in depth05:59
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query04:10

Section 43 . E.c. First Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to first method data entry form02:13
 Create data entry form by using first method06:32
 Working with BindingNavigator03:23
 Loading data with auto VB.Net generated codes!06:25

Section 44 . E.d. First Method: Write VB.Net Code for Data Entry Form

 Add data entry buttons in to top of form06:29
 Disable and enable data entry buttons by VB.Net code07:11
 Write the code for "New Record" Button05:15
 Write the code for "Save Changes" Button07:05
 Show message box after saving data to SQL06:30
 Write the code for "Delete Record" Button03:17
 Write the code for "Edit Record" & "Cancel" Buttons07:06
 Disable & enable DataGridView and group box07:42
 Prevent "Edit"&"Delete Button" empty record error07:04
 Working with DataGridView settings05:39

Section 45 . E.e. Second Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to second method: data entry form00:49
 Create data entry form by using second method05:28
 Design the main form of second method06:06
 Design the child form of second method data entry07:48
 Write the code to show the child form03:57
 Add status label to child form06:58

Section 46 . E.f. Second Method: Write VB.Net Code for Data Entry Form

 Write the code for "New Record" Button04:16
 Write "Save Changes" button code in VB.Net05:08
 Reload the data after saving changes in SQL07:58
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form07:48
 Add the SQL query to load data by ID in TableAdapter07:15
 Write the code of "Edit Button" by using the "Fill By ID" query06:08
 Add the empty record guard to "Edit Button"06:32
 Write "Delete" button code in VB.Net07:24
 Sort records by "ID" column by 2 methods07:15
 Finalize second method forms08:45

Section 47 . E.g. Third Method: Design Data Entry Form

 Introduction to 3rd method of data entry form01:56
 Add forms for 3rd data entry form04:53
 Design the main form of 3rd method07:16
 Show the child form of 3rd method data entry05:10
 Design the child form of 3rd method data entry05:24

Section 48 . E.h. Third Method: Write VB.Net Code for Data Entry Form

 Write the code for child form of 3rd data entry form06:30
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form05:44
 load data by selected "ID" in child form04:37
 Correct the "Delete Button" code06:59
 Add the empty record guard to "Edit Button" & "Delete Button"07:57
 Add main form to show 3 data entry main forms05:34
 Using Try structure to protect code against SQL Errors10:13

Section 49 . F. Welcome to Course 5 : Save Image in SQL & VB.Net

 What you'll learn in: Saving Image in SQL Server Database by VB.Net00:08
 How to load the Project files after downloading07:10

Section 50 . F.a. Create User List in SQL Database

 Create SQL Database for users List06:08
 Add image column to table in SQL05:23
 Add Users sample data in SQL Database04:29

Section 51 . F.b. Add SQL Database in VB.Net

 Create Users List project in VB.Net07:10
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project05:32
 Connect VB.Net project to SQL Server10:08
 Add Select query to Table adapter06:12
 Add Datatable to Dataset and Tips04:54

Section 52 . F.c. Design User List Form

 Add Datagrid view & Items to Users form12:06
 Add user picture box to form04:09
 Write code to load user image in VB.Net07:38
 Add empty image guard to user image03:51
 Add filter for selecting user image03:50
 Add "No Image" picture for empty user image06:39

Section 53 . F.d. Data Entry Form Toolbar

 Add toolbar to data entry form05:05
 Add image to toolbar buttons07:10
 Enable|Disable toolbar buttons by VB.Net code06:50
 Create method for Enable|Disable buttons06:05

Section 54 . F.e. Data Entry Buttons VB.Net Coding

 "Add New User" button code in VB.Net03:54
 "Save Changes" button code in VB.Net07:56
 Show message box after saving data to SQL07:35
 "Delete User" button code in VB.Net03:49
 "Edit" & "Cancel" buttons code in VB.Net08:14
 Save user image in SQL Database07:31

Section 55 . F.f. Customize DataGrid View (DGV)

 Set the size of Image column in DGV03:47
 Set the height of Image column in DGV02:26
 Disable DGV edit,delete,column reorder,new row and ...05:49
 Customize DGV columns (resize,column header, ...)08:17

Section 56 . F.g. Save Image Manually in SQL Database

 Section intro : Save image manually in SWL00:45
 Convert Image to Binary or Byte array07:24
 Save image binary directly in SQL database05:30
 Solve the error when insert method not found05:29
 Show message box after saving image in SQL03:34
 Add Guard to prevent empty image error03:07
 Insert data into SQL by using textboxes03:49

Section 57 . G. Welcome to Course 6 : Multi User Apps in VB.Net

 What you'll learn in : Multi User App by Login Form in VB.Net & SQL00:46

Section 58 . G.a. Create User Login Database in SQL & Use it in VB.Net

 Create SQL Database for Users Login02:58
 Create table for Users Login in SQL Database07:46
 Add Users Login sample data in SQL Database02:38
 Create Users Login project in VB.Net04:21
 Add main form for project04:48
 Add top & bottom panels with buttons07:01
 Add image & text to toolbar buttons06:03
 Add Dataset to VB.Net project03:47
 Connect VB.Net project to SQL Server07:32
 Add Select query to Table adapter05:43
 Finish adding Datatable to Dataset and Tips03:09

Section 59 . G.b. Design Login List Main Form

 Add main login users list form to VB.Net project03:25
 Add Datagrid view to login users list form06:04
 Write the code to load user list data by TableAdapter04:29

Section 60 . G.c. Design User Register Form

 Add user register form04:09
 Design User Register Form06:11
 Add items to user register form08:02
 Write the code to disable & enable data entry buttons06:40
 Write the code to disable & enable items inside groupbox03:02

Section 61 . G.d. Coding User Register Form in VB.Net

 Write "Add New User " button code in VB.Net02:01
 Write "Save Changes" button code in VB.Net06:19
 Show message box after saving data to SQL04:39
 Transfer selected ID from main form to the child form06:58
 Add the SQL query to load data by ID in TableAdapter04:23
 Write the code to load user data by selected ID04:03
 Write "Edit" & "Delete" button code in VB.Net04:39
 Write "Cancel" button code in VB.Net02:44
 Add empty record guard to "Edit" & "Delete" Buttons04:29
 Fill the data by last "ID" after saving in database05:51
 Refresh the records after closing user register form03:21
 Customize DataGrid View (DGV)07:47

Section 62 . G.e. Save & Load User Image in SQL Database

 Section intro for saving user image00:44
 Load the user image in picturebox05:33
 Add the guard for empty user image02:44
 Add filter for selecting user image03:50
 Saving User Image in SQL Database04:35

Section 63 . G.f. Design User Login Form

 Add login form to project03:13
 Design login form and adding controls to it06:35
 Bind user name combobox to data table03:33
 Add login info labels to login form02:01
 Bind user image picturebox to user image column01:29
 Write the code to verify user entered password05:54
 Limit password textbox chars and add guard to ...05:20

Section 64 . G.g. Using Login Form by Main Form

 Section intro for using login form00:39
 Show users list form within main form04:41
 Show login form at App startup05:03
 Write the "Exit Button" code in login form02:52
 Saving user login info in App settings06:40
 Show login user image & name in main form05:49
 Finalize login form coding!03:26

Section 65 . G.h. Advance Topics: Product List Data Entry Form

 Section intro02:08
 Create "Product List" database in SQL Server05:02
 Add sample data in SQL for Product List table02:44
 Add "Product List" table to dataset in our Project03:34
 Add Product List data entry form04:12
 Design the Product List form05:52
 Write the code for Product List form to save data09:17
 Add value to the "User Name" & "User Id" labels04:20
 Add value to the "System Date" & "System Time" labels06:36
 Connect Product List form to the main form03:36

Section 66 . G.i. Finalizing the Project

 Add guard & protection to codes by "Try" Structure11:41
 Add the background image to the main form03:14

Section 67 . H. Welcome to Course 7 : Backup & Restore data in VB.Net Apps & SQL

 What you'll learn in: Build Backup & Restore form VB.Net Apps & SQL04:14

Section 68 . H.a. Start Using Backup and Restore Course

 Steps to add the backup & restore to VB.Net apps01:56

Section 69 . H.b. Create Sample Database in SQL & Use it in

 Section intro: Creating the sample database00:52
 Create the sample database in SQL Server04:36
 Add sample data and test our SQL table02:41
 Section intro: Creating the VB.Net app for SQL database01:19
 Add new project in VB.net07:12
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:19
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset06:38
 Add Datagrid view to form06:50

Section 70 . H.c. Backup and Restore the Database in SQL

 Simple database backup in SQL Server06:25
 Advance database backup in SQL Server08:20
 SQL script to make a database backup in SQL Server07:03
 Restore database from SQL internal backup list06:24
 Restore database from SQL backup file04:01
 Advance topics of database restore in SQL Server03:49
 SQL script to restore a database backup in SQL Server08:55

Section 71 . H.d. Run SQL Backup Query in VB.Net App

 Steps to run SQL Backup Query in VB.Net App03:49
 Add "SQL command" & "SQL connection" to code03:45
 Add 6 steps to run SQL Query in VB.Net code07:58
 Add backup script to run in VB.net06:29
 Change backup file name & path and ... in VB.Net05:55

Section 72 . H.e. Run SQL Restore Query in App

 Add restore script to run in VB.Net06:42
 Advance topics about restore command in code03:06

Section 73 . H.f. Create Professional Backup Form

 Add backup form to project04:01
 Design backup form in VB.net09:57
 VB code for "Browse" & "Exit" Buttons05:57
 VB code to generate the backup file name07:27
 Add empty backup folder name guard to "Browse" Button04:43
 VB code for "Backup & Exit" Button07:42
 Add empty backup file name guard to "Backup" Button02:53
 Show message after creating the SQL backup in VB10:49
 Show backup progress panel while backing up database04:41 code to exit the backup form after backup process05:21

Section 74 . H.g. Create Professional Restore Form

 Add restore form to project03:37
 Design restore form in VB .net03:13
 VB code for "Browse" & "Exit" Buttons06:19
 Add empty backup file name guard to "Browse" Button04:48
 Start writing the "Restore" button code08:12
 Complete "Restore" button code10:51
 Add database exist checker to "Restore" button13:06

Section 75 . H.h. Supplementary Topics

 Show "Backup" & "Restore" forms from main form03:11

Section 76 . I. Welcome to Course 8 : SQL Aggregate Functions in

 What you'll learn in: Using Aggregate Functions in and SQL02:44

Section 77 . I.a. Create Sample Database in SQL & Use it in

 Section intro: Creating the sample database01:31
 Create the sample database in SQL Server04:36
 Add sample data and test our SQL table02:41
 Section intro: Creating the VB.Net app for SQL database01:14
 Add new project in VB.net07:12
 What is SQL ADO.Net technology?03:23
 Add Table Adapter to Dataset and connect it to SQL07:19
 Finish Adding Table Adapter to Dataset06:38
 Add Datagrid view to form06:50
 Connection String in depth and configuring Tableadapter query04:56

Section 78 . I.b. COUNT Aggregate Function

 Using COUNT aggregate function in SQL Editor07:59
 Add new aggregate query to tableadapter03:12
 Add COUNT function to tableadapter in VB. Net06:45
 Using the COUNT query in VB.Net form05:21
 Working the "GetvalueorDefault" method03:15

Section 79 . I.c. SUM & AVG Aggregate Function

 Using SUM aggregate function in SQL Editor07:04
 Add SUM function to tableadapter in VB .Net07:26
 Using the SUM query in VB.Net form05:47
 Using AVG aggregate function in SQL Editor04:25
 Add AVG function to tableadapter in VB04:51
 Using the AVG query in form04:31

Section 80 . I.d. MIN & MAX Aggregate Function

 Using MIN aggregate function in SQL Editor04:27
 Add MIN function to tableadapter in VB05:37
 Using the MIN query in form03:45
 Using MAX aggregate function in SQL Editor04:42
 Add MAX function to tableadapter in VB.net04:14
 Using the MAX query in VB. Net form04:00

Section 81 . I.e. Add Condition to Aggregate in Numeric Columns

 Add condition to aggregate in numeric columns in SQL editor06:17
 Add condition to aggregate in numeric columns in TableAdapter07:54
 Use condition with aggregate query in VB form07:49

Section 82 . I.f. Add Condition to Aggregate in Text Columns

 Using "Equal" & "LIKE" operators with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor09:11
 Using "Between" operator with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor04:40
 Logical operators with aggregate in text columns in SQL editor07:27
 Add condition to aggregate in text columns in TableAdapter07:33
 Use condition with aggregate query in VB.Net form09:50

Section 84 . J.a. Start Using VirtualBox

 What is Virtual Machine?04:54
 Download and install Oracle VirtualBox05:50
 Quick tour of VirtualBox environment04:30
 Add new Windows 7 virtual machine to VirtualBox08:14
 Working with the settings of Virtual Machine06:45
 Delete virtual machine and settings from VirtualBox02:45
 Preparing Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:11
 Host key in virtual machine02:46
 Installing Windows 7 64 bit in VirtualBox08:18

Section 85 . J.b. Working with Virtual Windows

 Quick working with Virtual machine and menus07:49
 Installing Guest addition in virtual Windows 703:30
 Share folder between your windows and virtual windows07:21
 Tips and tricks of share folder problem04:22
 Drag and drop files to virtual windows04:09
 Share clipboard between our Windows and virtual machine02:41

Section 86 . J.c. Backup & Restore Virtual Machine

 Make a backup copy of virtual machine04:46
 Tips and tricks before make a backup of virtual machine02:05
 Restore virtual machine from backup file05:48

Section 87 . K. Welcome to Course 10 : Publish SQL Apps by C# in Users PC

 What you'll learn in: Publish SQL Server Apps by VB.Net in Users PC02:56

Section 88 . K.a. Create Shop Database in SQL & Use it in VB.Net

 Create SQL Database for shop04:41
 Add sample data in SQL for product list02:58
 Create shop project in VB. Net to use SQL Database07:15
 Add Dataset and table-adapter to VB .net project07:21
 Working with query builder in Tableadapter06:38
 Add Datagrid view to shop form06:50

Section 90 . K.c. Preparing to Test VB.Net App in VirtualBox

 Introduction to publishing App process01:17
 Open shop project for publishing04:32
 Copy App files in virtual windows 706:49
 How to Install .Net framework 2.0 on virtual machine07:09
 Install .Net framework 4 on virtual Windows 707:41
 Change application .net framework version to 405:25

Section 91 . K.d. Publishing App Methods

 Different methods for publishing Apps With VB. Net & SQL04:06

Section 92 . K.e. First Publish Method: Manual attaching of Database

 Download SQL Server 2014 express with SSMS07:19
 Copy SQL installation file to virtual machine & start installation06:38
 Define dedicated SQL Server name & user & pass02:00
 Install SQL 2014 express with SSMS in virtual Windows 708:38
 Start working with SQL management studio in virtual machine03:58
 Working with SQL Server configuration manager05:41
 What is Application config file?07:58
 Use dot (.) in SQL Server name05:14
 Copy shop SQL Database to virtual machine08:37
 Attach Shop SQL Database in virtual Windows 7 to SQL Server04:24
 Finalize publish process of VB App06:01
 Protect SQL login info in Users computer03:44
 Add new connection to App in settings section04:17
 Change connection string of tableadapter in VB.Net code05:31
 Write the VB.Net code for switching between Connections before publishing App12:19

Section 93 . K.f. Second Publish Method : Using SQL User Instance

 Section Intro: Second publish method02:20
 Add New Virtual Machine & Install .net framework 4 and ...08:27
 Download SQL Server 2014 express05:21
 Define dedicated SQL Server name & user & pass03:56
 Prepare Installing SQL Server Express05:34
 Install SQL 2014 express in Windows 706:56
 Move VB.Net project to Drive "E"02:41
 Copy SQL Database inside VB.Net project06:33
 SQL Server Connection String in Depth07:43
 SQL Server normal instance Vs User instance06:07
 Add new connection string to use SQL user instance05:03
 Complete connection to SQL Db file to SQL user instance06:51
 What is "|DataDirectory|" in connection string?04:48
 Using new connection string with TableAdapter07:33
 Solve "database already exist" error while connecting to SQL user instance08:42
 Get the list of SQL user instance in SQL management studio03:52
 Connecting to SQL user instance in SQL management studio03:33
 Detach and delete databases from SQL user instance06:50
 Attach SQL db file to SQL user instance with initial catalog03:33
 Attach SQL db file to SQL user instance with empty initial catalog04:52
 Solve in depth "database already exist" error with initial catalog11:06
 Solve in depth "database already exist" error with empty initial catalog04:11
 Different types of initial catalog in connection string02:45
 Using empty initial catalog for publishing SQL app by SQL user instance09:19
 Using not empty initial catalog for publishing SQL app by SQL user instance07:18
 Make easier 2nd method publish process and develop process10:40

Section 94 . K.g. Third Publish Method: Normal SQL Instance

 Preparing 3rd Publish method for publishing SQL Apps in VB. Net02:45
 Add connection to SQL normal instance06:28
 Adding permission to SQL database folder08:21
 Check effect of auto connecting database to SQL normal instance08:42
 Publish SQL App with SQL authentication and SQL normal instance07:54
 Publish SQL App with Windows authentication and SQL normal instance06:26
 Make easier 3rd method publish process and develop process09:37, 2003-2020